I'm illustrating a children's book and i was looking for free fonts. I bumped into Sassoon Primary. I downloaded it from, it says it's free.

Is this website reliable? I need to know because it'll be troublesome to get into legal issues later!

Thanks! :)

I desperately need to find out which font is used in this logo, since I couldn't find and contact original designer who did this. I would appreciate your help.

Many thanks!


I'm trying to determine the font used for the subtitles in the film "Inglourious Basterds "

The auto font detect feature on a website says it is "St Transmission-600 Semi Bold font" but I disagree the lower case i is different. I've also heard it may be Ariel but I don't know, if anyone does please help.



I have developed a font that works in every Uniscribe application (and even some non-Uniscribe applications) that I've tried *except* for Microsoft Word. Even WordPad works. The font shows up in the font list (even with a correct preview) but Word does not let me switch to or type in that font. So, e.g., selecting all (ctrl-a) and choosing the new font does nothing.

Have any of you run into this sort of thing before? What could the cause possibly be?

Thanks in advance!

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Specify the font

Hi all!

Just want to apologize for my bad English.

People, help please learn to find, identify what kind of font file attached.

Very similar to the font Berthold Standard BQ Bold Italis, but this is not it.

Need just such as in the picture.

For earlier grateful.


There is a new group for shearing Scripts & Macros on facebook:

Feel free to join and share!

Hello Typophiles!

'Libertad' by Fernando Díaz, only us$29.9 for a limited time. Hope you like, thanks for the support!


Hi guys, this is a follow up post to the previous one. I have made changes based on suggestions received. A. and B. were the old logos. C. and D. are new with more legible company's name. My company will be selling fashion accessories, mostly scarves. Targeting women between 28-35. Moderate discretionary income. Let me know what you guys think.

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Font pairing

I designed a logo for my business that sells scarves, using all Sans Remo. I had it critiqued on here and many and I agreed that the name was not legible. I would like to know if there is a nice, legible font that I can use to pair with Sans Remo (I really like the way this font looks). Thank you in advance. This is Sans Remo.

JollyGood Sans- the sensible alternative to the font that must not be named.

I'm looking for a typeface similar in nature to Quicksand (, but I need it to not be free.

Really, any very rounded sans serif with various weights would be great. The closest I've found is Sofia Pro Rounded, but if you have any other suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated!


Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

'MaryTodd' by Vicente Lamónaca, with a release offer of 50% OFF!

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WhatTheFont? :)


I'm a student and was wondering about a particular font and whether or not it can be used in a logo design or a poster for a school assignment. Or can this font be used for an actual logo design? I'd just like to know what sort of licensing it has.

There was a font used for the Venice Biennale 2012 by John Morgan Studio. I've e-mailed directly to his studio about licensing and what not and so far received no response. (Most likely very busy, no time to address a student)

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Mariné by TipoType

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

'Mariné' by Martin Sommaruga, with a release offer of 77% OFF!!!

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It's my first time here, so I'll quickly introduce myself: I'm Carel Fransen, graphic designer from the Netherlands, and currently working on my graduation projects.

For my project, I'm looking for a quality condensed font with a large x-height that does great at small corps-sizes (approx. 6-7 pt).

I have got one font that works very well: Bureau Grot Light. However, I'd like to have some options. Unfortunately, due to the "advanced search"-mechanisms on big font-sites not being that advanced, it's nearly impossible to search for something this specific.

I´m looking for the font of this logo.

Especially for the font of "Schaffhausen" and "Entdeckungsreise".
Can you help me, please!

Kind regards

Hi Everyone!

Hoping you can help me with this. I'm wondering what font this is. Bella Figura calls it Aurora but they change all the names of the fonts they use. Would really like to be able to find it so I can use it.



World boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko is attempting to deal a knockout blow to illiteracy through a unique fundraising initiative – and Monotype is in full support. Klitschko has punched 26 letters to create a font, which is now available for free on Monotype has optimized the fist-painted font to ensure clarity and quality.

All proceeds from the voluntary monetary contributions will go to the Klitschko Brothers Foundation in partnership with German charity organization BILD’s “A Heart for Children” charity to combat illiteracy internationally.

View and download the font for free:
View video here:

Hey, My buddy wrote a great post on the history of type on the web. Thought I'd share.

Check it out:

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I pay a bottle of champagne for the first one who can tell me which font is this !

W and g are specials.

Searching it for 3 days...

Thank you in advance to the community

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what is this font?

please I need to know the name of this font in this logo: D

Could someone please advise on the identification of the following font:
(as found on the sleeve for John Fahey's "Blind Joe Death" LP)

Any advice would e most welcome,
Thank you,

I'm hoping to release my first font shortly and I'm curious how those more experienced in this niche go about the business of maximizing the revenue created by their work.

I am having trouble determining the fonts in the logo image included. If someone could help me determine what fonts are used, I would greatly appreciated it.

Additionally: If they are commercial fonts, do you know of any free alternatives.

Thank you ahead of time.

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