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Hello Typophiles,

I'm designing a book using Maiola as the main typeface. The book is an essay on the nature & purpose of art and an analysis of a few key pieces from different traditions: a Lohan, an ancient Egyptian sculpture, a Vermeer, a Rembrandt, etc. I feel the Czech references in Maiola suit the author and his conversational style. I also think it's a fine typeface.

I'm using Maiola throughout, but for captions, space is limited. I'd like to use a condensed sans, but I'm struggling to find something that really complements Maiola.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Please help me id this type!

I am looking to identify the font used on the cover of this book. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you - Holly

I have found several references here and there to a seemingly interesting PhD dissertation written by Anthony Cahalan (aka ) titled "Type, trends and fashion: A Study of the Late Twentieth Century Proliferation of Typefaces". It has been published in 2008 by the publisher Mark Batty (NY).
However, the problem is that I couldn't find a single copy anywhere in London: I tried Amazon (both US and UK), other online bookstores, local booksellers, the catalogues of all University of London libraries, including the Department of Typography in Reading (UK), and even the British Library... (as for the St. Bride's Library, it seems it's currently closed to the public).

Personally, I love Adobe Arno Pro (over Garamond or Caslon). I have mostly used for brochures and for a magazine. Quick search reveled 0 results. Just wanted some views on its use - especially if anyone has used it for books.


I would love to hear people's recommendations for books specifically about designing typefaces.
I am very new to this subject so a beginners guide of sorts would be good, however I'm not looking for books on the anatomy of a typeface.

Thanks in advance.

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