I’m looking for literature on neo-grotesque typefaces like Helvetica, Univers etc. … I’m very interested in profound knowledge on development and history. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


I am looking for the neo-grotesque saying "Jane Jacobs" in this picture:

In contrast to similar fonts the upper-case "J" has no bar and its tails das not point upwards.

Thanks in advance.

As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I stumbled into type design by semi-accident and have been trying to teach myself the basics ever since. Workplace Sans is the font that got me into the whole mess. :)

Sample PDF (1.1 MB):

This warrants a rather lengthy explanation, so here goes...

I feel like I've seen this face, but I can't remember what it is. Note the tails on the lowercase "l."

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Sans up for crit

(Off topic: I’m getting wierd error messages when filling in the tags field.)

If you have a minute to spare, check the pdf! I’d love some opinions. I’m going “blind”. Too much time spent nitpicking.

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