Hi everyone,

I am looking for a book or any kind of printing that uses the hand set version of Dante.
What hand set means here is the first version of Dante, not the Monotype version.
I heard that Martino Mardersteig actually did not like Monotype version, thus I want to compare each other.
(However, if this is true, I cannot explain why Giovanni based the Monotype Dante for Valdonega project.)

Does anyone know anything about this?


my favorite serif typefaces up to now are in particular Albertina (is there a difference between the digital releases by DTL and Monotype?) and Scala, but also Minion. Bembo and Dante are as well fine typefaces with fine italics, but have in my opinion a too literary tone.

I’m in search of »my« typeface and have compared a lots of fonts. Albertina, Scala and Minion are clean, clear and neutral typefaces with (and that’s importent) wonderfual crisp italics! I consider to purchase a license for the MT Albertina Pro, but first want to be certain that I didn’t ignore an alternative.

If you have some alternatives in mind, please let me know! Thank you.

Kind regards


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