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Gedung Sate Artdeco
Gedung Sate Artdeco inspired from Ornament,Building
and architectural style of Gedung sate Building in Bandung,
West Java, Indonesia
its really great font for your band, company, label,
clothing company, vintage or classic stuff, etc
i give attractive offering for this promotional
Available :
- Gedung Sate Artdeco (UPPERCASE,LowerCase,Numeric,Symbol,Punctuation characters)
- Gedung Sate Artdeco Shadow Basic (UPPERCASE,LowerCase,Numeric,Symbol,Punctuation characters)
- Gedung Sate Artdeco Slice Shadow (UPPERCASE,LowerCase,Numeric,Symbol,Punctuation characters)
- Gedung Sate Artdeco Shadow Basic stylic (UPPERCASE,LowerCase,Numeric,Symbol,Punctuation characters)

Hi - I can't seem to identify this font. It is similar to Cerigo, but not quite.

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ID: Typographia Polyglotta

Here's a font that the Typographia Polyglotta Vaticana used between ~1905 and ~1930.
I've already asked the people in Rome about this font, but they have no idea what it is.
Does anyone here recognize it?

Thanks for Your help
Joerg Hudelmaier

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Serif font

was wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance

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Serif font

I was wondering what this font is called.
Thanks in advance.

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Serif Font

Was wondering what this font is?
Thanks in advance.

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unknown font

I am new to this forum and have a font I am having trouble locating. I used this font about 5 years ago when I built a website but the computer I used to build the site crashed about 1 year ago taking all of my fonts with it. I appreciate any help you can give me in finding the name of this font as I am getting ready to rebuild the site. I have searched countless font sites in attempting to identify it with no luck and the people I am working for do not know the name of the font either.
With much gratitude,
Cygnus Valerie

As the title says I would appreciate if someone could ID this font for me?

Thank you!

Anyone know this??

Anyone know this??

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One more image for today :P


my favorite serif typefaces up to now are in particular Albertina (is there a difference between the digital releases by DTL and Monotype?) and Scala, but also Minion. Bembo and Dante are as well fine typefaces with fine italics, but have in my opinion a too literary tone.

I’m in search of »my« typeface and have compared a lots of fonts. Albertina, Scala and Minion are clean, clear and neutral typefaces with (and that’s importent) wonderfual crisp italics! I consider to purchase a license for the MT Albertina Pro, but first want to be certain that I didn’t ignore an alternative.

If you have some alternatives in mind, please let me know! Thank you.

Kind regards


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