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I am looking for a nice and modern sans serif for my company. Any suggestions?

The following fonts I like, but they are just not it..

Helvetica (Duah)

FF Max
Soho Gothic
Neo Sans

Maybe something with digital/tech like rounded corners like barrister (only without the clumsiness :P)

What is your typical process when selecting a name for a typeface you're designing...

Hi everyone!

I'm creating the branding for the 2011 KC Design Week festival. A very exciting project and I'm narrowing down to final concepts and could use some input.

In this case I'm mainly looking for which letters don't work. For example the first "S" in Kansas is just awful. Any others make you mad?

Hello fellow Typophiles

Below is an identity I created for a close friend and photographer. Inspired by the script identities of Leitz / Leica and other bygone camera manufacturers, I took the approach of combining a friendly script with mechanical germanic flair. As a photographer both relies on his personality and his technical skill to create images this dichotomy made sense to me.

I was wondering what sort of feedback you guys had? I have already combed it over a few times fixing some quirks that I had - especially with the d and r. This is what i ended on - but i feel like you guys could definitely help me find the best solution.

The first time I saw the original Maple Pictures logo I knew the $12.50 I'd spent was worth it, even if the movie was a piece of piss. The way the animation rotated and the tree rings formed the letters just struck a chord in me.


What in the hell were they thinking? What does this say other than we typeset some letters and put a box around them?

I have started this thread hoping to see you add other logos/branding that were redesigned so poorly that you're left wondering "How did this happen?"

Pepsi anyone?


I want to do something to give back to my hometown, so i've come up with an idea for a pasty cook off. This would be an interface to strengthen and further bond Marquette, Michigan. Through pasties I hope to strengthen, facilitate and connect the community, as well as stimulate the local businesses.

The National Pasty Cookoff
2010 Marquette, Michigan

I want to make a website and a poster series to begin the promotional process.

I am breaking a few "type rules" using too many typefaces, but I want this to have a retro/vintage feel.
Any feedback about typography or ideation for the event itself would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I'd like some of your expert guidance on selecting fonts to use in branding. The company is an eLearning producer and has been using Verdana for 100% of everything. Visually, I'm more relaxed when reading Calibri - as it's not as wide as Verdana. But I'm not sure that a switch to Calibri will mean anything to anyone else.

How do you recommend we go about selecting (and justifying) a new standard set of fonts for our marketing and corporate communication?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

Have you ever wondered what happens when logos are translated to other languages?
After moving back to Bangalore, I have been noticing how the company names are translated in local languages on neon signboards. Bangalore requires that the sign boards be displayed in kannada along with English. While the sign boards in English are well thought and designed, when they are translated to Kannada or Hindi they forget to carry forward the visual, specifically the type treatment of the original logo. Very few signboards redesign the structure, form, proportion and font metrics of the local script to match the original.

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