San serif

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me ID this font?
It's a old reggae record label font.
Please see image that reads "PAMA".

I think it might be drawn by marker?
If there is no exact ID, I am looking for something similar.
I really like the characteristics of the M and P.
Thanks alot!

I've seen this in various old manuals/descriptive passages from the mid century, is there one specific name for this typeface? it looks vaguely like some sort of futura

Can someone please tell me what this font is? I will be your sing your praises for the rest of my days.

This font had been used to brand our store and the company that created the branding went out of business long ago. I'm hoping to find this font so I can continue to use it in our marketing materials.

I was wondering if someone can ID this font that I found in a magazine which I would like to use for my work. It resembles Alba a little bit, but it is not Alba

working on a project and an actual font would really help. let me know if anybody knows this bad boy.


Hey guys,
Any help on this great condensed typeface is appreciated :)

Beauty, Legibility and Versatility Combine as Key Attributes in Akira Kobayashi's Newest Design

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has launched the 24-font Akko™ typeface suite by Akira Kobayashi, type director at the company's Germany-based subsidiary, Linotype GmbH. The newest member of the Linotype® collection, Akko is the first original typeface by Kobayashi in several years.

I've attached an image of the logo. I've run it through a few of the font identifiers out there and they can't seem to get it right. Too few characters? Too generic?

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Pacific Font?

Any one know what face is used for the aatached logo?? Seen it used plenty of times but can't put my finger on it.


This font is driving me batty. I love the loop on the "K" and I must possess it! Help?


from Michael Adkins...

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on this new font. First: this font isn't trying to take itself too serious. It is a condensed tribute to the classic 1940s Captain America covers. Second: It fits in fine when bold, fill-up-the-space lettering is called for, and it works great for signage when you're trying to cram everything into a tight space (DOT numbers and GVW's come to mind.) In all other venues, its usability remains to be seen.

Really, it's a work of passion, so the question of overall functionality also remains to be seen. Still, people are downloading the freebie at a hot pace, so there may be life for it beyond the funny books and sign shops. Thoughts?


I am not a graphic designer here... So I was hoping to ask for help from the experts!

This isn't so much as an font identification question, but a request for a font recommendation. I've been able to trace this image in Illustrator for use in a 15' map graphic that will be inscribed in granite. I like the historic handwritten look of the lettering. However but when I trace the text the font shapes look terrible. I've been thinking about replacing the text outlines with an actual font, which would save me from having to shape the curves to something pleasing to the eye?

Do you have any recommendations? Map was drawn in 1850.


Any ideas on what this is?

HELP PLEASE, I'm up against it and need to find out what this font is pleeaasseee......

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San Serif Font?

anyone knows this font
its close to the current issue from another man but its not the same.

THANKS for your help


I keep seeing this font used in sort of retro modern posters and stuff. Anyone know what this is or where I can find fonts like this?


Dalton Maag created a font for the Urban Splash project. It's not for sale on DM's website. Does anyone know the font and/or where it's available.

Thx a lot!

Can anyone help me identify this san serif? It's from the title sequence of the new Basquiat Movie:

Thank you.

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