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Hello! My name is Emy Dalsted and I am a senior at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I am pursuing a degree in graphic design with a minor in typography. I have recently just completed the design of my second typeface. And would like to know what you think abut it, What I can improve on and what you like about it.

Modern Glyph
Designed By: Emy Dalsted

The classification of this font is a modern san serif that is based on a modular square grid with circular rules. There is nothing complicated to this font it is created to be simple and legible at any size.

Hello my name is James leahy and this is one of my first fonts. I am trying to take inspiration for the Russian style of serif type with its sharp corners but I wanted to bring this in the san serif style and soften it up a bit in order not to look so harsh. The typeface is unnamed and I haven't started working on the spacing yet but I would really like to hear if there is anything wrong with the design or opinions about the design and style.

I'm working on a timeline for san serif typfaces for school. I'm having a hard time finding ones for Neo-Grotesque, could you please help. Thanks.

Could some one please help me identify this typeface? Thank you!

I found this image via an online photo archive belonging to an artist here in the NL. I'm no typographer but it looks like a slightly wider version of Arial Rounded MT, no? Particular attention towards P, L, C, M, E, and S... very rounded, even 'techno/space-like'. After exhausting the powers of online type queries I am hoping that someone here can help identify this particular face. One thing the artist mentioned was that it was highly possible it was a free font and dated around 2008.

I know the text itself might be small but I think it's possible to make out the differences of the type.

Thanks a lot, Typophiles! : )

My name is Abel Martín and that is my first post at Typophile :)

My question is about that wood type that i have in my letterpress cabinet.
I would like know the name and maybe some about the history...



I know some of this is custom work but does anyone know the font this came from? Or a similar one? Much thanks in advance!


Can someone help me identify the typeface used in this poster?

Thank you!

Hi all, can you help me identify this sans serif font please?

Many thanks


Hi guys,

I'm looking for a simple, honest and approachable san serif for use in body text. My idea is to have a journal feel but without being too themey. Something with the characteristics above that come together looking elegant. I loved the feeling of Frutiger on my page ( one of my faves) and although quite neutral it's the complete opposite of what I want, its cold and distant and not really in line with the honest feel i'd like to convey.

I like Myriad Pro but wanted to see if there are others you can recommend, perhaps something I am simply not finding. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Can you help me out in identifying this blocky sans serif font?

Hi guys,
More than 15 years ago, I was fiddling around with a logotype for my cousin's company. I want to do some edits to the logo, but I can't seem to be able to ID the font and I have no further info on where to find it.
In spite of my recommendation, my cousin used the font at some point in time, to product body text in a brochure. It looks awful, but it might just be my life line, since I can provide you with sample text to cover almost the entire alphabet .
I am attaching it hereby, with thanks in advance for helping me out.

Best regards,

Any font identification would be much appreciated. The customer wants us to recreate some stationery using the font from a REALLY old business card.

Thank You

I am needing some assistance in IDing a tall san serif font. I have checked my font book and some online resources with no avail. Any help IDing would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance, this forum is the best.

From the cover of a magazine. Cant seem to find which font this is using searches, and "what the font" websites etc. Really love the W with the really low middle vertex. thanks in advance!

Oops, sorry for the repeat - I posted this under the wrong thread first time.

Does anyone recognise the font used for the word TATTOO in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo logo?
I have been searching for a while but it has me stumped!

Many thanks.

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Help identify this font?

Can you help identify this font please?

any ideas what this is??

The first font is the current paranormal activity display, looks similar to an extended 0ARAME, anyone any suggestions?

No.2 is quite distinguisable from the uppercase K & A, again anyone any suggestions?

Cheers in advance

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi guys, I am working on a documentary and I want to be able to use the same typeface as this flag. One problem is that I am finding it very hard to identify or find something similar. I really hope you guys can help! Thanks so much :)

I think a lot of these fonts are the same, but can anyone help me identify all of them? Thank you!

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