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My department of designers are aggressively reassessing the brand image of the company we work for, starting with consistency of visual language. The Senior Designer established that the current corporate typeface, Helvetica Neue (or is it properly Neue Helvetica?), is perfectly suitable for our needs. It works quite well with all the various weights and styles for the US market, however our international offices are just frustrated. Characters are missing for the Bosians and the Russians do not have enough variation with the basic cyrillic family they have and so on and so on. Many of the offices have elected to use Myriad Pro as a substitute and it's just destroying our brand objectives. This must stop.
I found this:

Hey. I'm trying to figure out the typeface that Chupa Chups uses on their website/ads.
I know the logo itself was custom made by Salvador Dali, but does anyone know the typefaces used here?

I would like to know both the body type and the type on the bottom of the page used for contact info.

I tried uploading this a couple times to What The Font, adjusting the contrast, but the site doesn't quite get it right. It keeps missing those left-facing serif’s on the R, A and P. Any ideas?

I keep getting close, but still nothing exact on my company's logo. It's origin is our parent company in Germany, and finding out what it is will be a nightmare judging by other info we try to get.

Help ID this:

From Logo

Thanks in advance!


I'm in the middle of a town branding project for the city of Elk Horn in Iowa. The city has the largest percentage population of Danish residents in America. It also boasts the only Danish windmill to ever leave Denmark.

Our group has only just started the ideation and conceptualizing a series of symbols and color schemes to represent the town.

We are searching for possible typeface solutions to use throughout the signage for the town.

In our research we came up with these two typefaces being used as signage in Europe. I think the team overall appreciates the large x-height and overall verticality.

If anyone can identify these typefaces or point me in the direction of any alternatives that would be great.

First post here. Looks like a great community. I came across this awesome slab serif and fell in love with the 'S'. I searched through 29 pages of MyFont slab serif faces & didn't see one like this. It's quite possible that I missed it.

Can anyone ID this type?

Greetings type enthusiasts. On a recent trip to Europe I was browsing the newsstands and came across these two lovely typefaces. I thought they were great. I'd like to buy them/download them if possible for my own uses and I was hoping someone out there could help me identify them. Much thanks in advance.

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