I am building a booklet at work and am having fits getting my pagination the way I would like it.

I am working in InDesign CS3. I have applied special character page numbers to the A-Master pages. I have applied a separate master page to the front and back cover, so they are not counted in the pagination.

After the cover, the first two pages (the first spread) of the booklet is the table of contents. I want the pagination to begin on the page after the table of contents. So, I have applied the table of contents pages to the same master page as the cover. The page numbering begins on the page after the table of contents. This is all good.

Breaking long threads into multiple pages is a bad idea for several reasons:

  • We associate pagination of this sort with the most vulgar commercial sites, which use pagination to artificially inflate pageviews, thereby raising advertising rates. The only other thing pagination does is infuriate readers who are just trying to get through the damned text.
  • Nobody using Typophile has so primitive or fragile a browser/computer setup that a long thread (of mostly text) stands any chance of crashing a browser.
  • Links on discussion homepages to so-called most-recent comments never take you there; you are taken to the first page of comments.

Pagination needs to be eliminated.

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