Hello Forum,

I am stuck at one point in FontLab and hope someone can help me.
I would like to integrate arrows in a TrueType font using FontLab: arrow right and arrow left.
The font should be used as a webfont later and i don´t want to build in images for arrows anymore.

To achieve this I proceeded as follows in FontLab:
- Create a Glyph in an empty grey box wich is marked yellow in the font-window
I understand that glyphs, that are not yellow do not belong to the currently selected encoding, codepage or Unicode range
- then i rename the glypgh-name to "arrowright" (using the context-Menue) and generate the unicode index for it (2192) using the little diamond
- After that action the Glyph is marked as grey (unencoded?) and it goes to the end-section in the font-window.

Hello everyone! I am an extreme newbie, so please forgive my total ignorance. I'm a graphic designer who is just starting to experiment with font design for fun. I'm using TypeTool 3 and I have a question about codepages. How does one go about deciding what codepage to build a font in? TypeTool defaults to 'MS Windows 1252 Western' but I don't understand how or why I would choose that codepage over say 'Latin 2' (of course, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, etc codepages have an obvious use). Like I said, I'm sure the answer is obvious - thank you so much for your help!

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