With the fairly notable shift towards a more organic/handwritten style in typography of late, I was wondering what the general opinions on the style was. Specifically, what do you think of the success of fonts in the vein of Thirsty Rough or Voyage?

As a purely digital designer, I'm glad to have elements like these to design with; but as fellow typophiles/designers, do you think these trends have a decent shelf life for branding, or do you feel like it's a more fleeting trend?

New release by G-Type: Precious Sans Two.

G-Type’s first new font release of 2014 is actually a major reworking of an old one, Precious Sans, which originally appeared back in 2002. The new family is called Precious Sans Two, available from www.g-type.com with a 50% discount until the end of January, then with 25% off the standard price until Feb 28th 2014.

Over a decade after it’s first appearance G-Type’s Nick Cooke decided the time was right to re-appraise the typeface, scrutinise the old letterforms and make some important enhancements.

Dear fellow Typophiles,
I thought this would be the right place to share my latest work.
A calendar made of two thousand and fourteen keyboard keys.

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