Alas, I am not very good at recognising the subtle and
powerful voice a typeface speak with.

I hope you could help me with some few suggestions
of typefaces conveying 'clean energy', 'spatial technologies'.

I would say Futura and Century Gothic would be two good options
but I well know I can be far from hitting the nail on the head.

Thanks so much in advance for your sound advice.

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Need Help With id

I Need Help with IDing this type i am doing a sign for a customer and i need tho find out what the type is but the customer does not know.

I'm looking to find out what type of font the 2049 is in this piccture. I can't find it anywhere.

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Word link question

I asked before and got an answer but I can't find it. How do you turn a word into a link the old way, not the | way?

Thank you.

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