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I am trying to identify this font but can't find its name anywhere... Any tips?

Thank you! :)

does anybody know what font the Club Monaco logo?

I'm looking for a typeface for a tattoo I want to get, but I don't like any of the traditional tattoo typeface's. The one's I do like are very free flowing, loose cursive script type's, but I think they are all real people's handwriting. But I thought if I posted photos (or rather the links) of the one's I like here, someone might be able to help me find something similar to them?





I am looking for this font. Please help me. I need this urgent!!!

Thank you.


I am trying to find this font, but unable to find that actually fit the similar.
Thanks for all the advice and help in advance.

looking forward for the result.


can anyone help identify this font? Please its quite urgent. Or anything similar.


does anybody know which font are? "MOON"

Hey guys, i'm going nuts trying to figure out what this font is. I've used Identifont and WhatTheFont with no success.

Here's a screenshot:

It's also used hear, and you can type in and see all different letters:

I'm getting married, and someone bought us these as an engagement gift. I'd love to make other things match if I can figure out what it is!


hi !

I can't find out what font was used around the 1980's in Vogue Paris (when the magazine was under Colombe Pringle direction) anywhere and I've scoured the internet!

Specifically, I want to ID the typeface used on 1989 covers - does anyone know what this is??

I've uploaded a couple of images of what I'm referring to.

If I am lucky enough that someone knows - please could you also inform me where I might download/buy it??


The restaurant logo is attached. Thanks guys!!

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