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Color fonts on the web

I wrote a post about color fonts on the web, based on all the posts here and the various mailinglist archives. I would love to hear if I got the technical parts correct, and if there are any new developments in this area. I tried to write this for my fellow web devs, so I might've made some mistakes on the tech side of fonts.

Press / Colleagues / Clients!

Today we introduce Typopixo.

A new typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts.
A beautiful and colorful collection of fonts from talented typedesigners and lettering artists from all over the world.
Beautiful to use & easy to install.
Brighten up your blog, website or app!
Please have a look at the website and download a free font for testing.
One small step for webtypography - a giant leap for colorlovers!

A boutique typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts.
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As part of what seems to be a growing consensus around the co-existence of both scalable color font proposals (SVG and COLR) within the OFF/OT specs and possibly in some fonts as well, we’re looking into having both technologies share the same color palettes (i.e. literally use the same color palette table – CPAL – in the font).

This way, CSS markup (for example) can simply refer to the palette-index to be used for the text, instead of separate COLR-palette-index and SVG-palette-index values.

This kind of abstraction of course is what OT is very good at, with the cmap and GSUB for example being shared across glyph technologies and the text engine dispatching the positioned glyph IDs at the very last moment, as it were, to either a CFF or TT (or SVG) renderer.

So far the SVG OpenType project has been discussed only on email lists dedicated to specifications. I wanted to bring it up on Typophile since it will feature in discussions at TypeCon next week.

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