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Serif font, used in a logo

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Block font with a unique A

I have tried the various font identifiers, but none have been able to identify it, or even come up with a good alternative.

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Bold Serif Font; All Caps

Hello! I have come here to hopefully obtain the information I'm seeking. I outlined a font I used for a logo in my design class before writing down the font name. The font is no where to be found in my downloads or computer so I'm at a loss here. I've searched the sites I used for this font and simply cannot find it. Could someone please tell me if they know what this font is? I have only included the bit at the beginning because the O is one of the hallmarks of the font. Thank you!

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Old serif with peculiar "J"

again a font from an old magazine (1945/46).
Thought it would be Caslon but cannot find this strange "J".

Who can help?

Best, Jochen

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Inscribed/Engraved style font

Hi All,

There is this too if it helps.

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Font almost like Times New Roman

But the 4 of 478 is different from the 4 of Times New Roman. Thanks.

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Serif font — Markus

wondering what this font is called?
Thanks in advance!

Dear Sir / Madam
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cursive, serif, similar to Airstream

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Help with an italic font please

Any help would be appreciated

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Boldish serif

Hello everyone...

Anyone is familiar with font used in logo for Turkish inflight magazine?
Picture attached


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Help with a serif font please

Any help would be appreciated

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serif logo with italic elements


I have a client who wishes to use this font for a new logo. Any ideas as to what the original font could be? It seems rather classic and basic. thanks!!!

Two of the fonts are Serif fonts, the other is a Script. Help identifying any of the 3 is greatly appreciated. I couldn't insert the image below, but have attached the file - this is my first time using Typophile - thanks for the help!

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Billecart-Salmon Champagne

anyone know the typefaces used in this label?


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Trunk Archive Logo

So familiar yet can't find, help!

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Bold, Sharp Serif

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Looking for an ID on this classic looking serif font.

Many thanks for any help in advance!

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Extra Bold Serif

Can't seem to ID this font...

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Can´t find that font! :/

I got this a part of a Logo and i can´t find the fitting font. Tried all of the automated ones.
Anyone can help me out
Closed match for me is Appareo family

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Vintage Looking Serif Dispaly font

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plus ne font de telles choses comme médecins

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Serif font

Can anyone help me identify this font? Thank you. I'm not sure if I have posted this before in this forum. Sorry for the trouble.

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2 fonts in logo...any ideas?

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Seemingly Recognizable Serif Font

What is this font, and why can't I identify it?

Big Caslon
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