Sans Serif

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Could you help me find this font please?

I like this "R"

Thank you!

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san serif style font

Hi All!

Could anyone tell the name of this font please?


Eurostile bold
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Geometric sans-serif

I've found a font similar to this named "Crash Test" on DaFont, but it still doesn't quite match up, would anyone have an idea of what this could be?

Airship 27
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gravity title font, this should be easy

Hello, do you have any ideas about this one?

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Heart image with text

Designing a logo for a customer and can't seem to find this font they want. Anyone know what it is?

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Modern geometric/angular monospace

Whole project can be seen here:

Thank you!

Deck by
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looks like electric typewriter font, like an IBM Selectric or similar

hello, would you have any idea what font is it? First I thought it's futura, but now I see the difference in 'm' letter.
Thank you a lot in advance!

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Greek writing / very clean and cute font

I would appreciate any input on what this font is. It's written in Greek but it's very distinctive.

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Scotch, display, contemporary?

Any chance to point this one out?

Chronicle dsiplay
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Hello, I'm looking for the typeface that is set for the text "Inside Google's secret lab" and "She's got power..." etc.

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This is likely way easier than I think

It looks very similar to a bebas neue but I don't think that's it.

Any help is much appreciated:

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Wooden letterpress type

Does anyone know what font this is? It is used on a beautiful cookbook called Huckleberry. It has a very distinct capital R that has a tiny tail.

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Sans sSerif Black

Found in the Red Bulletin (Red Bull Magazine)... Could you help me ?

Stag Sans
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Classic Sans Serif

Hey guys,

This one seems obvious but I cannot put a name on it!

Thanks for your help,


FF Advert
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Curvy rounded sans

Hi all,

Please can someone ID this font.

Thanks in advance.


Used in the 60's

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Hi everyone

I'm trying to reproduce the logo in the picture, but unfortunately I have no information on what is the name of the font.
I found something similar but not quite the same.
The font name is similar MotoraSansUltrabold.

Thanks for the help


Revue Regular
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