Sans Serif

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Sans Serif White

Hello Friends:
I need your help to identify this SAN SERIF, please
So I'm looking at I think it's a complete typeface.
I think one of the keys is in the "K" but hey that's my opinion.
I hope you can help me because it is very important to me.

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Bowie Exhibit Chicago Art Museum

Stumped by this one...

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Memorial Font


This is a font from a memorial I need an exact match if possible. It might be something very common, I have not seen it before so was wondering if any of you kind souls could point me in the right direction. If not something similar will suffice.

Thankyou in advance.

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Nicely round sans serif font

I'm trying to identify the font in which "Offre Surprise !" is written , please help !

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The new logo of Université de Lille

This is the new logo of university of Lille.
When I asked what font is used, the answer was : this font is only for this logo.
I can't believe this. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Similar to Helvetica

Not sure what font it is. It has nice heavy weights and light weights. Would love to know the name.

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Geometric san serif

Can anyone pinpoint this font? Looks similar to Sofia Pro but the vertical strokes on the M are different.

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Limited Edition

Hello all,

Hoping you might be able to help ID the following typeface, I've provided the original and enlarged version for your consideration:

Thanks for your help.

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Push Pop Press Logo

Looking for an ID

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Can anyone ID this sans serif font?


Can anyone ID this font?


I came across this street sign in Milano and was wondering what font, or something along the lines, is used.

Thanks in advance

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Helvetica/Akzidenz variant?'s picture


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Apple (RED) condesed sans

Anyone know this one? The circular 0's in the % throws me off.


Thank you for any and all help, I appreciate it!

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font please

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Catimini's logo font

Can you help me find the font used to create this logo please ?

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2 x sans IDs needed

Hi guys, you helped already on the numbers for one of these, now I need to know which Sans Serif types are the ones in question! Best would be something with the same large x-height as the numerals, so they work together, Any ideas?

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Greg Bates

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Plumber's san serif logo

I'm trying to track down the font in this logo done by a graphic designer who has mysteriously disappeared. It seems like one of the G's has been altered to add/take out the bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Headline font

Does anyone recognize this font?

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Belgian road sign typeface


Does anyone know the name of this typeface?
It's a older version of the Belgian road signs typeface.



DIN Condensed
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