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El Encanto 1950s script.

Can anyone recommend a script font similar to what's used in El Encanto.

It doesn't have to be a perfect match of course since the original was hand-lettered, but something close and in the same spirit would be ideal.

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Script like font

Can you guys help me with this one? I'm searching for this like for hours.

I only need for the part that says "Cardoso", because the "D" is different (monotype corsiva)


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Blue note label script

Hello there,

I would like to know what's the loopy script used for "33 microgroove" in this ( and all the others) Bluenote record label, or something similar.

Many thanks,


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Font used on Cali t-shits in california

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Building Logo Fonts

Can someone please help me identify the two fonts that are used to create this logo — the script and the chunky serif fonts.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Ballantines Script and Wide Latin
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Casual Everyday Handwriting ID

Have found some reasonably similar examples at but nothing too close.

Have a feeling it might be bespoke, but am hopeful someone has a close match.


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Font style

I need to know what type of font or handwriting this is?

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1950s or 60s script typeface

I think the sans serif in this logo is helvetica. I don't know what script typeface is in the logo.
Can anyone help? I'm creating a speculative redesign of a mobile website for a community college
class and for my portfolio. Thanks very much.


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script from wedding invite

Looking to id the typeface for the names.
Nice, right?


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Help Please

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Cursive swirly style font

Looking for the font for "Sparkle"

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Salt Magazine Font

Thanks for any help!

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Wedding Script

Wendy LP Std
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Retro Script

Can anyone ID the Script? Thanks in advance!

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Fat retro script

New client sent me this and I can't find the name anywhere? Has anyone seen this one before? I just need the script font id'd.

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Script font used in song artwork

I recently used a few fonts in the creation of an artwork for a song I released, however it was saved as a png and now I can't remember the fonts used! This one is a script font. Any help is appreciated.

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Vette Letter Promotion Poster Script Font

Book: Type Navigator: The Independent Handbook.
Type Foundry Vette Letters Promotional Poster (Donald Beekman).

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ugg australia pas cher Ils sont devenus

UGG Australia est un est souvent un name populaire chaussures. En peau de mouton chaussures a été intérieur régions Australie, et la popularité a augmenté comme l' produit a été découvert par tandis que d'autres. Même si on pourrait couverts est incroyablement chaud, la manière moyen enable pouvoir arrête par surchauffe.

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Script font like Shelly Allegro

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Dr. Phillips High School's Crest

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