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Just the word Guarana! Please try to help, i'm a little bit desperate. Thank you very much

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script font suggestions

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what is this font?

Please help me to find the name of this font.
Thank you!

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Joined up/calligraphy font. "Cherrys" logo


Any help identifying the font used for "Cherry's" would be massively appreciated.


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No.6 The Square

Dorchester Script & Shelley Script
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Hi there,

I'm looking to create some type that has the feel of The Eagles 'Hotel California' typography.

The cover was art directed by John Kosh (Abbey Road) so i'm presuming it was a custom script.

Any font ideas greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Learning for Living "Logo"

So tired of people designing their own "logo" in photoshop at 72dpi then expecting us to be able to use it for offset printing...

Yet another customer designed "logo"

I did use photoshop to break the letters apart to try to use one of the automated font identification websites...didn't work.

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Vintage Beer Label Script

Please help me identify this script font. It has stumped myself and all of my font guru friends.

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Sara Duncan CV

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Resturant script logo typeface

Logo for NY resturant Claudette

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Tweed Father

Which font is this?

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Script Font in Logo

Hey Everyone,

Trying to match this typeface. Looks very similar to Edwardian, but the "r" is different along with some other subtle differences. Anyone know what it is?


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Script font

Any ideas on this one?

Bickham script
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Cursive font

Can someone identify what is the font of the cursive "designs" word here? Sorry if its small and subtle, this is the only file my friend handed to me. Thanks in advance.

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2 fonts...script and block style

Was hoping to get the names of these fonts for a recreation. Any help is much appreciated.

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Script Curly Font

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Script ID

Shelley Andante Script
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River Road Font

Thanks for any help!

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Another Script

Looking for a script like this one—poster designed by Laurenz Brunner and Julia Born.

Nothing similar in an earlier post about this style of marker/brush lettering.

Thanks for any help!

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