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Looking for those 2 fonts


Im looking for those two fonts. If someone knows them, that'd be awesome!

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Monospaced Typewriter Typeface

Hi guys, can anyone ID this monospaced typeface? I'm not sure if a digital version exists or not. Many thanks!

LettrGoth12 BT or LetterGothicMono
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So Cal Unified school district School bus font

Charter Oak Normal
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Children's font i found some years ago.

I found this font for use with making my son's website a number of years ago and am trying to find it again so I can use it for the rest of the site. I have scoured lists of fonts and never been able to figure it out. If one of you can, you'd have my gratitude.

Nip Cen's Handwriting from Dafont
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Image Font, need to know what one it is.

I need to know what font is used in the image, thank you :)
It will be for my website.

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I initially thought it was Stratum, but there are some rounded edges on this one.

Would greatly appreciate some help


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What is this font ?

Hi ! :)
I search fonts, who are used in this picture :)
Anybody knows ? :)

Freshman, Bebas Neue, PT Sans, Adobe Caslon
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What the font? Thanks

Would really appreciated if someone could tell me what type of font is this?

The text comes from Michael Spivak ''Calculus on manifold'' (if this helps )

Thank you in advance

I've come across this font several times, but I'm not able to identify it anywhere. It has a few distinctive features, such as the shapes of the G and the J. I don't know if it's all caps or if the guys who used it wrote in caps, but I think it's the former.
Thank you very much for always being of assistance!

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Font identification?

Can somebody help me to identify this font? I like to know what it is.

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French Comic Font

This is a font seen in a French comic.

The most unusual characters seem to be the very star-like asterisk, and the 'i', I believe it is upper-case, despite looking lower-case, as the whole rest of the book is upper-case too.

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ID Gevalia text font

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assemblies of god logo

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Typecon 2014 font?

Tried whatthefont to no avail, looks familiar.. but I can't find it. Any help?

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Odd h and k in White Oaks, and odd w in Flower

I'm looking to see if I can find these font names.

Caslon No. 540 Swash D Italic
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it's a signboard for a kindergarden

This nameboard is produced around 1965-1970 in the Netherlands. I want to know what the font is, so I can reproduce the board

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Need help finding the name of this font

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please what the font is it

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The SHIELD font?

When i was searching this font, i found a similar font named "Super Duty Sharp Heavy” which uts similar, but the "E" and "I" didn't match with the font im looking for. Does anybody knows the original? Im open to suggestions too. :)

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