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This is basically a question of, "What do you wish could be automated in font production?"

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Looking for Script Fonts

Hey all,

I don't have a great script library and could use some help. Most of what I have is either too formal/ornate or too grungy/handwritten. I'm looking for something that is authentic, somewhat formal, italian/wine label-esque but contemporary.

Any ideas would help!


There are a few places available for the workshops being offered at Cooper Union this spring. These courses are electives within the Type@Cooper program but some places are available to non-participants. For more information visit

Planting Seeds for Script Type Designs
Richard Lipton
Saturday, March 12 & Sunday, March 13

John Downer
Saturday, March 19 & Sunday, March 20

Basic Python Programming for Typeface Design
Ben Kiel
Saturday, April 9 & Sunday, April 10

What is the study of writing systems called ?
e.g. systems like Latin/Roman, Devanagri, Kannada script ...

I want to spend some time learning about the history and forms of glyphs from different (and related by origin) scripts and common features among them.
Specifically, I am looking for a word, if there is one, for this kind of study to better locate related books/papers/courses etc.

Also, any suggestions on where/what to start with would be appreciated.

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