Hey, working on some infographics/graphic design projects, and came across this (in the attachments) while doing some creative research.

I was just wondering if anyone could name the font used for both the main titles, and the "Cloud City" part in the "Bespin" poster. Thanks!

Here is the guys Flickr page - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/

Here is the "Bespin" poster - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/4326894848/in/set-72157623510187553/

This is the first iteration of Paper Romantic, based on a few doodles I found in the margins of an old college notebook. This is the first time I've tackled digitizing any of my little typeface experiments, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

I know the /N/ feels very out of place, but I'm not sure how to resolve that. Also, I can't tell if the lowercase is working or not. Some of the letters seem to fit, while others just look wrong.

Thanks so much!

Gah, I've never done this before and debated promoting the typeface here at all, but since you all give me inspiration and happiness with your new releases, it would be selfish of me not to share with you all. So sheepishly, here it is.

The other day I release Ne10, a new stencil typeface I designed, through YWFT. This stencil font takes its inspiration from a neon sign at my local pizzeria without being blatant in its reference. I found myself staring at the sign too often, so I decided to try to work it out digitally. While sketching it up I realized that this could work rather nicely as a stencil font, instead of a faux 3D neon looking thing. So although the inspiration is neon, the result is more modern looking. Hopefully some of you will like it.

Hi all. I am trying to identify this font which shares traits with Trajan. Uppercase letters such as the /N/ are obviously very similar, but this is a bit sharper. Lowercase letters have some distinct differences from other fonts typically paired with Trajan. Most notably the /a/ and /f/.

Any ideas here? All help is greatly appreciated.



I am choosing between R and K. Which one is more appropriate to the design?

Hi, any help identifying this typeface used in a Folkways album cover designed by Ronald Clyne would be appreciated!
Not sure if it's ever been digitized so any similar suggestions would be great.

Thanks, Dom

looking for a typeface (sans serif pref) that is made up of dashes... not too short or dot-like, but a longer heftier dash. ideally not something too thin - for a logo, so I need it to have a bit of weight.

thx for any pointers!

Hello to everyone, i'm a graphic spanish designer.

Recently I knew the judgement of my personal trial with Renault, a famous french car brand, who did an spanish and south-american advertising campaign with some caracters with a typeface that it was entirely developed by me.

Now the process is that my lawyer, specialist in intelectual property, and me are creating the apellation text to try change the judgement (other judge).

Hello fellow typophiles!

With my first post I come to present you the new corporate font of the Centro Portugues de Design (Portuguese Design Center). It`s not a Design ruling body per se, but it`s probably the most important organization for design in Portugal.

In the attached image you can see their new sans serif corporate font, CPD Sans, designed by Hugo d`Alte in 2009 or 2010.

They presented this font on their Facebook page and I immediately recognized it and made a little comparison with FF DIN, which i`m sure everyone here knows.

I pasted their image and wrote the same set of characters on top of it, using FF DIN, size 34pt. The kerning is exactly the same.

This is a very quick and rough (very rough) draft of my typeface. I was just looking for feedback and everyones first impressions keep in mind this is my first typeface and I am relatively new to the process.

I have currently only done the lowercase just because I'm not 100% sure what direction I should be going in. I was going for an italic serif loosely based off of Bodoni and I tried to go with the Old style/ Transitional style.

First impression, critique, technical aspects any comment will be helpful thank you.

I'm really having trouble with c/e/f/y/k/s/ but of course I will take any advice on all or any of the letters.

Hello Typophiles,

Can any of you recommend a similar font to this? Or perhaps even the original it has been set in?



Paul W

I am looking to identify the attached font. It might be a custom face, if so does anyone have any recommendations for a similar typeface? Thank you!

I am completing my shyness book and I'm looking for a typeface to use on the cover.

I've been thinking of foil stamping on different materials to get an illusion/hidden effect.

Any recommendations for a 'shy' font or any suggestion on printing techniques that would give an illusion/hidden effect?



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Issue with Typeface

A friend of mine gave me set of typefaces. When I try to download it, every single typeface is called "regular", even though in finder they are all titled differently. Is there anyway I can change the name of these typefaces?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on a rebranding of a fashion brand that uses
Eurostile. We would like to propose a new typeface with a fresher look
that wouldnt be very different from eurostile, any ideas?

Thank you very much

I'm doing an assignment and I'd like to find out what typeface they're using or something similar. Please help!
I've even provided you a scanned image.

March 22, 2010

Dez Boulder is a Strong-Brewed OpenType display face with Multiple Personalities.

Dezcom Typefaces is proud to announce the release of "Dez Boulder," a rock-on typeface with three personalities on display.

The Dez Boulder family of display faces acts in a supporting role to give meaning to message and context to content. It is a very bold face, not understated. Each of its three personalities (and their sub-personalities) have a different timbre to speak the nuance of your message in a bold voice. Dez Boulder works like a character actor, presenting the author’s lines but not with the deadpan delivery of a news reporter. Boulder develops the role, adding meaning through facial expression, gesture, and body language.

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I hope it's in the right place. I am trying to identify the typefaces used in "The Sun" (NYC: 1835-196), the daily newspaper in which "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus" first appeared in 1897. I am specifically looking for the body and headlines....school project here at California College of the Arts.

Here is an example a standard page, as preserved by Chronicling America:

An explanatory article of the "new" Sun's typography

And the wiki article about the paper:

Greetings all. First time poster. I've trying to find a pairing face for a custom wordmark that I've done for a mixed martial arts company (yuck, I know). The wordmark is comparable to something like the ford logo. I can't seem to think of anything that really works well enough for me to present.



I'm looking for a good extended serif typeface to be used on a wine label. Here is an example of what I'm looking for: http://streetbush.com/ExampleofExtendedSerif.jpg

It DOESN'T have to be exact:

The sample is from a 1977 copy of Goeorge Orwell's 1984, published by HARCOURT BRACE INTERNATIONAL.

The closest I have found is Pall Mall RR Light, but Pall Mall RR Light was designed by Steve Jackman in 1992. Years after the book was published.

Any help identifying, would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I'm designing a branding for my school project for a Guy Ritchie film festival. He is the director of the movies like Snatch, RockNRolla, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver, Serlock Holmes. His movies are mostly about the lucky underground criminals of London. I would like to ask which typefaces are going to be appropriate for his style?

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