I'm still working on an upcoming typeface called Melk Sans. I had major issues before which have been fixed, but today I noticed a minor issue and I'm puzzled as to what is the cause. I thought I would start this thread not only to ask for feedback on this issue, but to ask other questions as well.

Hi, I'm having trouble trying to create a ligature using Unicode character codes, up to this point I haven't tried to use a Unicode value so I have no Idea if I am going about it the right way.

The ligature in question is an asterisk and another asterisk being replaced by a black star (** = ★)

I've tried the full word, the utf-8 value for it and Unicode U+ but nothing seems to work. I've had a look around and cant seem to find what is wrong.

The problems seem to lie with the '+', (Error came up with = 'invalid token (text was "+")'). But that's the only clue I have.

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