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Name that font

This one is giving me a huge headache. It looks like Helvetic Light, but the the letters a bit too narrow for that. Can any one tell me by looking at the image what the font is?

Hi to all
Can you help me to identify this font
Thanks in advance

Can you please tell me which font is on this image?

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Help! Finding a font.


I've been trying to find this font or something super close to this tirelessly. I tried what the font and I ask numerous graphic designer but we've seem to hit a dead end.

If anyone knows where or how to find this font I would greatly appreciate your help! Notice that the capital 'A' and 'G' are so special.

Thank you

Camden baseball 2015 font please!

Hello everybody.
I want to find the type like on this website > http://www.isadoradesign.com, the name of the brand Isadora in the top left corner.

can u guys let me know what is the name of those fonts they wrote "JENNIFER LOPEZ" "LOVE DONT COST A THING"

Thnaks in advance

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Font Help!


I saw this clock in a workshop in Japan and I want to remake it and am trying to find the font of the numbers.
Someone mentioned maybe Interstate? But it doesn't match all numbers.

Any ideas???


The Estate of Matt Montini

I am looking for this font. Please help me. I need this urgent!!!

Thank you.

I'm working on a project where we need some old school style numbers for prices. Can anyone name the typeface in the image, or suggest an interesting equivalent.

Many thanks in advance as always...


hi !

I can't find out what font was used around the 1980's in Vogue Paris (when the magazine was under Colombe Pringle direction) anywhere and I've scoured the internet!

Specifically, I want to ID the typeface used on 1989 covers - does anyone know what this is??

I've uploaded a couple of images of what I'm referring to.

If I am lucky enough that someone knows - please could you also inform me where I might download/buy it??


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I Need This FONT.

please help me if anyone know about this font...

Hi All,

I've got the font below and want to make it bigger but keep it sharp. Does anyone know which font it is so I can make a new pic?
Please help.



I can't find this font in any way!!! help me please :-)

Please help me to identify this font ! Appreciate your help a lot

I can't find it!

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Anyone id this Font?

I really like this font! Anyone know what it is? Please Help me! Thanks!

Hello Typophiles!

I was wondering if anyone knows what typeface is used on the original cover of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?
Thank you in advance for your kind help.


Looked everywhere to find these fonts. Any help would be greatly appreciative.

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need Help

Need to know what font is used on the image.
Help please.

Hello Typophile community! Long-time listener, first-time caller, yada yada.

I could really use some help identifying this....well, ugly typeface.

It's the logotype of a client of mine (words scrambled to protect their identity). I'm doing a marginal "refresh" on the company's brand. However, not only are they refusing to let my company select a new typeface for them, they can't even tell us which typeface we can't change. Since they have no idea.

I've been racking my brain and going through the usual online channels (identifont, etc.), but no luck. I was really hoping someone here might be able to help.

For clarification - the specimens you see before you are all the characters I have to work with. No lower case, no punctuation.

Hello everyone. A very long time looking for this font, could you help me? If anyone knows, please tell me what this font.

Hello everyone. A very long time looking for this font, could you help me? If anyone knows, please tell me what this font.

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