copperplate gothic

So basically I made this Eminem fan-art about him being the first true critically and commercially successful rapper(Yeah I know about Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice). And when it came to putting some text in the image I got stuck on the typeface choice. I have used Copperplate Gothic here but I wanted to ask is it appropriate? This confusion was mostly due to someone saying in a thread " Copperplate is a great font but its used in a lot of wrong places". What do you guys think? Is this appropriate? It looks fine to me but I want your advice.

Hello everyone. I've been really hunkering down and designing some of my first typefaces. I got tired of seeing Copperplate Gothic everywhere, but I also got inspired by it. I was hoping to get some honest feedback about the overall design, especially the lowercase and numerals.

I've attached some samples here, but you can check out everything over here.

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