I'm looking for examples of ITALIAN script typefaces from XIX century.
Thanks for suggestions and specimens.

This is a logo I am developing for a new wrapping paper brand. It will sell hand printed and hand painted wrapping papers. Please help me with any critique or comments.

Would love to hear some feedback from experts & general, trying to build a visual identity for a new business venture, The key tags being: Simple, Classy & unique

Anyone have any ideas as to what font this might be? It's causing me many a headache!

I'm working on my personal branding and would like some input on the logo that I've been developing. I've gone through about 50 variations of this, but am attaching the top 5 designs that were narrowed down based on a first round of critique from a colleague. The concept is based on a strong personal affinity for modern vintage design through the vintage seal/stamp shape and original craftsmanship. This is just the basic flat logo that I'll eventually add some slight additional styling and perhaps get turned into a physical rubber stamp for promotional print items.

I am seeking preferences for integrating the script typeface monogram which gives it the more modern edge versus the more slab typeface.

Thank you!

Used by Decca Music Group in cover and booklet for DVD set released in 2012.
No luck at Bowfin, where I flipped through "formal connected scripts," Identifont, or MyFonts search--which produced over 900 non-matching fonts for the tags "script-calligraphic."
The Z is very Germanic -- appropriate for Mozart's Die Zauberflöte.
So any idea as to the ID of the font?

Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions on a font for a title, and I'm particularly looking for a script font. The problem is, the title includes my full name, and my last name (Pocock) is, well, not rendering very well on any script fonts I have tried so far. The particular trouble comes with the "ococ" - it isn't that common, and I guess there are not many font designers out there that include a specific "oc" ligature. Anyone have any good suggestions? I absolutely love Liana, and Montague Script would be good as well, but Liana doesn't seem to have any ligatures including o's and Montague makes them look a little too close to a's for my personal taste.

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