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Shakopee, Minnesota — January 30, 2010
Michael Browers, an independent font designer and developer, announced the launch of his new website, Streamlined to focus solely on Michael's catalogue of fonts and licensing information, the new site showcases recent and upcoming font releases, developed in collaboration with Elnara Browers, that feature cyrillic character sets.

"Elnara Browers multilinqualism has been invaluable in developing fonts with extended character sets," said Michael Browers. "Consulting with Elnara has enabled new, and future, releases to support a broader base of languages including western & central europe, baltic, Turkish, Romanian, and cyrillic."

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Tracklist gone?

Does anyone know what happened to the Tracklist in the own settings? They have shrunk since the last update. Before I had a tracklist which went over one or two pages, now I have only 11 entries. Also haven’t found out how those remaining entries have survived. Some are a few weeks old, others are years old.

Is someone having the same problem, or is that just me?

I hope the postings are not gone. Was easier to find recent postings …

Sorry if that was discussed before, but haven’t found something alike.

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