I can't find this font in any way!!! help me please :-)

I'm wondering what the typeface is for the Tillamook logo. Is it even a typeface at all? I can't find anything that matches the a or the k. A lot of typefaces get close, but none close enough. Any ideas? Help!

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Antique Olive as body text?

My first post here. hiii : )

I'm wondering about general thoughts on pairing Antique Olive with Chaparral Pro? There seems to be few discussions on the former typeface and I'm wondering if someone could offer their insights. This is for resume & portfolio layout, with light Antique Olive as body text (8/11 pt) and light Chaparral Pro as headers in all caps at 8pt.
Being a type novice and new to this font combination, I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts or opinions.

Some concerns I have are:
1) readability
2) the general impression it conveys
3) hisory/cultural associations?

Hello - please can you tell me what this font is?!

any help much appreciated, thanks.

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Help identifying font

Please can anybody tell me what font this is

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