The attachment is a poster I designed in 1989 for the music ensemble Icebreaker

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Correct spacing between letters

Hello everyone.

I've been wondering for a long time about kerning and wonder if anyone can help me out with this specific issue I have, I've tried to illustrate it as clearly as I can.

On the attached image I've tightened the whole word as an example without manually kerning anything. Usually if I wanted to keep it at this general tightness my first instinct would be to match the space between each letter to the space either side of the "o". However, I've always been slightly confused as to what should be correct spacing (in this example) for the letters circled.

A) I assume l's should have more space than anything else so I'd leave it as is.
B) The "s" and "t" are touching here, how much space would I put between those?
C) The "r" and "a" - nearly touching?

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Typography blog

hi there,

I recently started a design blog focussing on typography (at the moment),


I was wondering how do you fellow bloggers attract followers?

Anything I could improve on?

The main purpose of the blog is personal (ie. research and reflection) but it would be great if I could get a lot of followers also- to give opinions, feedback etc...

any advice welcome...

Hello fellow typophiles. Does anyone care to critique this invite I've made for my mother's birthday. It's 210 x 130mm, both sides shown, and I'd like it printed on something like 350gsm uncoated cartridge stock. I looked in foil-blocking, but that's proving too expensive and time-consuming, bearing in mind I need to get these printed ASAP. If anyone knows a way to make it a little special without costing the earth (e.g. metallic pink - that's here favourite colour). Colour used at the moment is Pantone 214, with a tint of its complement which is a process green. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi fellas!
I was make a new font thinking in posters design, my inspiration was the "Ton" shape then leave really soft curves for each line that we need to solve.. hope you like it and if you want drop a comment or critique.
regard mates


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Love the way the digits both lift off of the page and delve into the depths of darkness.



I am rebranding the downtown farmers market in Marquette, MI.
Any feedback on the logo ideation would be greatly appreciated.




I am a London MA Graphic Design student looking for some inspiration and wondered whether anybody could recommend any museums, exhibits or libraries that re-invigorate their love of typography?


LETRA is a creative approach to the Typography world.

After have noticed the gap on this discipline in the city of Madrid (Spain), the Mediodía Chica association got in touch with designers and illustrators who came from different perspectives on this interesting world and offered them to deliver a series of workshops that show their personal approach to typographic creation. Subcoolture give one of these workshops with names like Stereoplastika, Pablo Abad, Luís B and La Galga. The appointment will be a weekend once a month since March to July.

More info here:


It suddenly stuck me one day that English typefaces are so much all over the planet that we at time neglect the (little) lesser yet beautiful ones. In fact, the beautiful scripts that these emerge from open such vast spaces for exploration. It was then decided that I’ll pick up our very own Devanagari, the mother of many Indic languages, a very few of them being Hindi, Marathi and Nepali.

In this entire exploration exercise, I made it a point to do whatever I wanted to on my own terms and conditions. I picked up Devanagari for the same and what followed was an interesting series of revelations.

I am a design student with a love for type and print as well as the challenges of type and web. I am looking for some good places to look for a job.

I'd love to work in book design/layout, but I enjoy all kinds of design. I'll be in NYC and Boston next month and would like to visit some places (I'll send out a little self promo piece prior to arriving). Anyone have any tips of some typographically fantastic design agency places?

If you know of some great places to work, and they aren't in NYC/Boston, please tell as well!




Check out a new blog post from 59amblepath:


Hi everyone,

I am the Faculty Advisor of the Shakespeare Press Museum, a working printing museum on the campus of Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California.

We have 18 operating presses and about 400 metal and wood type fonts.

Our never-ending problem is cataloging and indexing our collection of type, some of which is so rare that we don't know what it is, where it came from, or what to call it.

I have been working for several months to develop a method for cataloging the nicks on the type we have, which I plan to use to help identify type that is not distributed correctly, or at all.

Acknowledging the potential weaknesses of the system (different nicks in the same font, for example) I would like to put this out to the Typophile forum for comment.

Consider it as the first of a line of experimental apps for the AppStore:


And also as a follow-up to a couple of discussions that took place here around one year ago: 1, 2


In Case of Emergency Use Helvetica

High-Res (2560x1600) desktop version available at the above url, enjoy!


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Brass Serif

Check out these gorgeous address numbers! Any idea what they are?



I am looking for suggestions for typefaces with little or no counters, I want to use large type to put images in.

Hi guys,

Does anybody know of typographic blogs similar to bibliodyssey.com, lots of imagery from old books and ephemera?

Thanks very much

So as a publications teacher, I obviously think teaching students typography is relevant. I mean, after all, these kids will someday be the ones designing our magazine headlines and advertisements. I thought, heck, this has to be supported in our state standards for technology, right? WRONG. I found these results when I did a general search for typography:

Arizona Department of Education: 0 results
Association of Career and Technical Education: 1 result
Association of Career and Technical Education in Arizona: 0 results
Electronic Journalism Academic Standards: 0 results
Audio/Visual Technology Academic Standards: 0 results

Even in the class where typography SHOULD be relevant, it is not even mentioned!

I've been quite interested in the idea of creating a couple of fonts for a while now, but although I'm a skilled graphic designer, (and therefore good with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark) when it comes to software for creating fonts I'm really not sure where to start.

A few years ago I did briefly have access to a copy of Fontographer, which at the time was a real standard for this kind of software. Is this still the case or should I be looking at getting another program? What is the best software for creating fonts now?

All tips, hints and recommendations will be appreciated.

My first full typeface Badona has just been released at MyFonts and HypeForType. Here are the links:

MyFonts: http://bit.ly/bfnYxA
HypeForType: http://bit.ly/98oCR2
Behance Presentation: http://bit.ly/bnnYFC

I'm waiting for your support.


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We have been having a debate on the proper representation of Ellipsis. Our proofreader says there should be a space before and after.

... and the train left the station ...

When doing a call out or in general typesetting, this space bugs me. I'm trying to find a reference stating that this rule doesn't stand for typesetting (like 2 spaces after a period in essays!)

Our new Typography Desktop Calendar for february is now available for free to anyone interested Its also available sans calendar.


i would like to know more details about the typographer rudolph koch's ties with the jewish community and his designs made for the jews, like the offenbacher haggadah.

also, for hebrew readers, i wrote an essay about koch's work in my hebrew blog:

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