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Typographic logo


I was working on my typography skills and have made Mining logo

What do you thing guys?

Design Micro Museum With and About Lettering
MuseumsQuarter Vienna / Gangway between square 1 and square 2


WELCOMETO.AS (Lausanne / Davis, California)

Opening reception: November 26, 2010 // 6 p.m.
Ongoing until March 2011

The TYPOPASSAGE Vienna is a unique, innovative museum project, curated by design studio bauer – konzept & gestaltung.

I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

Hey Typophiles,

I'm a software developer working on an application that requires precise font rendering and I'm having trouble doing the calculations correctly.

Here's an example:

A user selects 36 point Helvetica as their font. How far down, in pixels, is the baseline?

Here's my calculation:

12pt is 16px, therefore 1px = 4/3pt.

36pt * 4/3 = 48 pixels

The baseline, per a book I have, "sits one-third the point size up from the bottom", so the baseline in this example would be at 32px.

32px, however, is smaller than the height in pixels of a capital A in 36 point font, which means the top of the A gets chopped off when rendered, so something is off.

What am I doing wrong?

Good morning,

Though I am interested in printing I haven't had the time to do enough research to identify the attached typography.

Any information on this (attached) 16th century, Venice type would be appreciated. Furthermore, any external information, particularly on Italian (16th cent.) type, would be much appreciated.



Hi everyone...I'm not at all lazy, but I'm sad to say that I don't have a natural eye for design. My best friend does and I've noticed over the years that she has helped me "develop" my eye. When I created a logo for my company (she was swamped at the time) and asked for her opinion, I thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me...I'd used what I now know is the much-typophile-hated font, Papyrus. Anyway, I digress...

Hi There,

Anyone know anything about the typeface Today SH?

I am currently working towards a graphic design degree and need to know a bit about the history of this typeface for my typography class.

I've googled it until my fingers turn blue and I can't find much on it so I have turned here.

Please help!

Humorous resume by Herb Lubalin as published in the 1966 newsletter, "Thumbnail", Art Directors and Designers (ADDA) of New Orleans, http://typophile.com/node/53937

This delightful memory was recently discovered in the archives of AIGA New Orleans. ADDA was the forerunner of AIGA New Orleans.

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Hello Typophiles.
Wondering if anyone could list a whole heap of fonts from around the year 1900.


Exact science, no doubt great killjoy for an artistic mind. Yet a valuable inspiration, so relax, have a break, have a SIT STAT.

view the complete project here + wallpapers: http://www.behance.net/gallery/SIT-STAT/723020

Hi there typohiles,

Long-time lurker, first post.

I'm looking into my report for my final year
at university, the topic I’m most interested to write
about is word recognition & typography. I think
there could a really angle with the new turns in type
with alot more of the "experimental" typefaces
being ultra-bold, nearly illegible & in alot of cases
lacking a proper family with no lowercase also
compared to say Gill, Helvetica, Futura etc.

In my first year I read a interesting article
on "The science of word recognition" in Eye 52, I’ve
gone back to that article and found Kevin
Larson's paper to be of real interest, the only thing
I’m struggling with now is finding the right
literature to reference from.

Any help on this would be great, I’m still on

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good design for teenage girls

Specifically relating to typography (hand-drawn scripts)—though I'd be open to any broader suggestions as well—I'm looking for something that fits the young teenage girl demographic without having to give up some good design principles. Those two often seem to be at odds with each other, but if you know of anything that may help me collect some helpful inspiration I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Every creative professional, including the most seasoned designer, can benefit from learning to communicate more effectively with type. This workshop will give you the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics necessary to visibly improve your type. Gourmet Typography Training will sharpen your eye and reignite your passion for typography.


Session One: 9:00am – 12:00pm
This session teaches the fundamental typographic skills and aesthetics necessary for every designer. Learn to see and understand type and type designs like you've never seen before with a stimulating hands-on exercise, what makes a good typeface, the most common type crimes, and getting the most out of your software (typographically speaking).

Hello. I've been a long time lurker, so I've finally decided to join in and get advice. I've been into fonts ever since I was a kid, especially those from logos. I design my own by shaping them on PowerPoint and transferring the glyphs to High-Logic's Font Creator Program.

Thus far I've done some modernized fonts based on the classic "Press Your Luck" logo; one is regular and the other is extended, but I have some fine-tuning to do (the corners of the letters are rounded or beveled, which I don't want). Ray Larabie is known for recreating fonts from logos, and though this is a parody in the same vein, do I need to seek legal permission before publishing the font?

Hi there, my names Christopher and I have what my wife describes as an unhealthy obsession with type. You may probably understand this. I have recently started a new blog about all things typographic, especially about the type that surrounds us that most people don’t see. I have begun to share my observations about my home town of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, England and of the other places I go with my camera and my TypoRadar™ turned up to thirteen.


VTF is a free & open source foundry producing open source & free typefaces.

More than 30 typefaces are already available!


Typeface above: coqnegre perspective, a futurist fraktur typeface

Typeface above: babbage, a fancy futurist typeface

Typeface above: pompidou, a serif futurist typeface


Hello! ,

I´m designing my first typography and I would like to listen to experts opinions because Im planning on presenting it on a type expo.

Thanks in advance , Looking forward to read you comments.



Just found this site that claims to be the Wikipedia of typography. You can look up fonts, learn about typography, get involved in forums, Add your own fonts and knowledge. Looks like it’s pretty early days and there are plenty of holes in the content but you can get an idea of what it is going to be about.


All seems to be stuff that Typophile does in some way other. To me it seems a little ill-conceived what does everyone else think? The search tools are not as good as something like myfonts.com, the forum will need to work hard to beat Typophile and the type info doesn’t seem that great to me.

What does everyone else think?

We're proud to announce that the UK t-shirt blog Hide Your Arms is featuring 5 TypographyShop tees in their post on 250 beautiful typographic t-shirts: http://bit.ly/azJcrZ

Only a portion are truly about typography, but all of the shirts feature distinctive typographic treatments.

Now that webfonts are supported by all major browsers, more and more professional fonts are available for web linking. These fonts usually contain a large set of OpenType features, which are only accessible in OpenType-savvy applications like InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress. Browsers have barely supported such advanced typographic features so far. But with the latest Beta of Firefox 4 this is about to change …


see also: http://typophile.com/node/73173

I will be speaking at TypeCon on the subject of my collection of vintage type and design from the English fabric trade and thought I should create a blog which gives a taste of the collection.
It is not complete or well done (I only started building it Monday) but please take a look at it here.


Best regards and maybe see you at TypeCon

Adrian Wilson


I was hoping someone could help me - I'm currently trying to find the name of this font:


And then a free download to re-create it for a project.

If anyone can help, it's very much appreciated!

Hello. My name is Gokko. i have a web site and just designed. Also it is already incomplete.

In index, below menus part, i have presentation area that done in Flash.

Now, i have to design a few banner/presentation/advert image. So, to use true fonts are very important. For days i am searching tutorial about this subject and finally i've found here. In this way i made a decision to ask to you.

İf you analyze that presentation area, you will see other image. But in new images i want to use font/typography much more.

What do you say ? What should i do ? How must i use a font and design planning ?

Thank you.


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