The version of Lenin in Zurich,

and the slightly irregular W.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Help with three IDs


I'm doing some research for a pitch and it would be wonderful to be able to identify these typefaces. I'm new to the game so I would really appreciate any expertise.

Thanks in advance!

I hate coming into a site after someone else. I have no idea what this font is. I would love help. Thanks.

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Reg: Font recognition

Pls tell me the font name for the above text, else tell me the relevant font name..

I am not sure whether a greek font is something that users of this forum can recognize, but all my greek forum attempts failed.
I would like to know if anyone can recognize this font.
It looks like a greek helvetica but all the greek helveticas I have found do not have this kind of gamma (γ).
Usually it looks like a y but this font has a more rounded lower part.
Thank you very much.

Hey guys, I am in need of locating this font, any help is greatly appreciated.


thank you

Can you please help me identify this font? is this illustrated or is this an available font?

Hello - please can you tell me what this font is?!

any help much appreciated, thanks.

Hello, I am working on recreating a Menu for a client. My predecessor created the menu but did not save the file.

Can you help me identifiy the font that is used to write the Dish descriptions please? I'm using Garamond for the Dish Titles.

I've got an unfortunately small size sample (in actual size and the number of glyphs) I've been trying to match for a prop I'm working on. Any help is appreciated.

Hi all,
my company uses this font in their logo and business cards and they forgot this font's name. I'd appreciate any help to identify it :)

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