Hi there typohiles,

Long-time lurker, first post.

I'm looking into my report for my final year
at university, the topic I’m most interested to write
about is word recognition & typography. I think
there could a really angle with the new turns in type
with alot more of the "experimental" typefaces
being ultra-bold, nearly illegible & in alot of cases
lacking a proper family with no lowercase also
compared to say Gill, Helvetica, Futura etc.

In my first year I read a interesting article
on "The science of word recognition" in Eye 52, I’ve
gone back to that article and found Kevin
Larson's paper to be of real interest, the only thing
I’m struggling with now is finding the right
literature to reference from.

Any help on this would be great, I’m still on

I am part of a small studio called People Collective and we are starting a new project/experiment in the creation and distribution of type. We have written a blog post that details our plans here but in short, hope to fund the creation of a typeface through KickStarter. We'd really like to hear your thoughts on both the creation/distribution concept and the specific design options we post to the blog over the coming weeks, thanks!

-Colin & Aaron

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Old wood type specimens

I've been looking for a variety of good fonts that are based off old wood type specimens from the good 'ol days. I knew this would be the place to ask. Anyone know of some good digitally revived wood type fonts?


Monotype Imaging Announces the Commercial Launch of Fonts.com Web Fonts
New Offering Provides Best Font Selection, Language Support and Workflow Solution for Web Designers

WOBURN, Mass., Sept. 14, 2010 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, today announced the general availability of Fonts.com Web Fonts, the company’s cloud-based solution that enables thousands of high-quality fonts to be used in Web page design. Subscription plans are now available at www.webfonts.fonts.com for anyone who creates for the Web, from brand managers, publishers and advertising agencies to non-profit organizations, institutions and bloggers across the globe.

Highlights of Monotype Imaging’s Fonts.com Web Fonts solution:

I need help with this font. anything?

Hello! ,

I´m designing my first typography and I would like to listen to experts opinions because Im planning on presenting it on a type expo.

Thanks in advance , Looking forward to read you comments.



We're proud to announce that the UK t-shirt blog Hide Your Arms is featuring 5 TypographyShop tees in their post on 250 beautiful typographic t-shirts: http://bit.ly/azJcrZ

Only a portion are truly about typography, but all of the shirts feature distinctive typographic treatments.

The annual conference "Tage der Typografie" are being held for the 12th time this year from the 5th to 7th November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The organiser Peter Reichard invited Veronika this year to give a weekend workshop as part of the events.

The annual conference "Tage der Typografie" are being held for the 12th time this year from the 5th to 7th November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The organiser Peter Reichard invited Veronika this year to give a weekend workshop as part of the events.

Hi all, just wandering if there is a correct way to treat the space around an ellipssis (…) or if it is just a mater of taste. I general follow these two rules (rightly or wrongly):

1. If the ellipsis falls at the start or end of a sentence then I do not separate the ellipsis with a space.

e.g. “Up to 50% off…”
e.g. “…this week only.”

2. If the ellipsis indicates omitted text within the middle of a sentence then I add a space either side.

e.g. “I have no idea if this is correct … I wish I knew the answer”

Any help?

This is a birthday greeting card I have recently designed for my sisters birthday. After it's success in my family I have decided to screen print copies in black and red as below, possibly variations using other colours too, which I will then put up for sale on www.etsy.com at a price of £4.00 or there about.

Before I do this though I wanted to get your opinions, would you buy this greeting card for a friend or family? (The small type in the corner of this card would not be included as it was specific to my sister's birthday only).

Let me know what you think :)

(Note: the small tear on this card would not happen when silk screened, it was due to hand crafting the red using masking tape and acrylic)

Hi guys, I'm working on this poster showcasing some of the characteristic typefaces of Amsterdam and would really appreciate some feedback on the design so far. It's not finished yet, I'm considering changing some of the letters but it would be nice to have some opinions regarding the overall look of it so far. Thanks!

Bigger image - http://diogotovar.com/portfolio/images/XXX-type-BIG.jpg

Hey guys I could use some help on IDing this font. Any ideas?

I am looking for quotes about the definition of typography to use in a book.

I am pretty sure someone coined the phrase, "words we see" but can not find the citation or author. Any and all such quotes about what is typography would be appreciated. And, I will credit both the original author and who has helped me by posting it!

More high quality fonts from TypeTogether

The OpenType version, full commercial licence, of Rue Display Semibold can be downloaded free of charge. As a part of TypeTogether's permanent efforts to promote and encourage high quality typography we are distributing this FREE COMMERCIAL LICENCE of Rue Display Semibold, the beautiful organic sans serif designed by Winnie Tan.

download: http://www.type-together.com/index.php?action=carro/getFreeFont_3

I have recently graduated from a design program (Concordia University, Montreal) and I am looking for masters abroad that would combine both type design and typography (preferably a one-year program).

I was wondering if anyone has information about the quality of the masters in Advanced Typography taught at the EINA school in Barcelona. Apart from their official website, I have trouble finding extra information and comments about this program.

I am also considering KABK's "Type and Media". However, from the information I have been able to gather, it seems like it much more focused on type design, and much less on typography, am I correct?

Finally, any thoughts about the Centro de Estudios Gestalt (Veracruz, Mexico)? Or other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


Today I decided to set up a blog and stay on it! I tried wordpress and blogger but wasn't happy with the layout etc so why not put down my ideas on a blog related to a subject that I am very much interested in at the moment?

The past few days I have been following and reading almost every article on the personal blogs of two Lebanese designers: Pascal Zoghbi and Nadine Chahine. I really loved Pascals blog better ( sorry Nadine!)They both did their MA in typography and Arabic type design which is the main reason why I tried to investigate the subjects they researched on and the impact it has had on their work.

I am in a rush to leave but will shortly upload what I have come across in a separate blog :-)

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Typographic Novice

Hi all

Im 'trying' to become more skilled in type design and here is an example of one of my early work. It is not based on a particular pre -designed font. Constructive feedback is more than welcome:-)

Hey, working on some infographics/graphic design projects, and came across this (in the attachments) while doing some creative research.

I was just wondering if anyone could name the font used for both the main titles, and the "Cloud City" part in the "Bespin" poster. Thanks!

Here is the guys Flickr page - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/

Here is the "Bespin" poster - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/4326894848/in/set-72157623510187553/

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Type Anatomy Reference


I am new to typography & recently started reading about typography in detail. As a first step, i am trying to understand type anatomy, to help myself i making a simple poster with type anatomy explained, so i can stick it in-front of me & let it hammer in my mind.

Till now, these are the details i am able to fetch from various sources : http://nitingarg.com/shared/first-draft.jpg

Now, it would be really helpful if you can just check & let me know if i am missing something or done something wrong there.

Thanks for your time !

Nome da fonte necessária.Eu realmente preciso saber a fonte apenas para o Logotipo do Restaurante. Obrigado pela resposta. A foto está anexada em baixo.

Hi, i was wondering if i could get some feedback on a piece of work i've been struggling with. I have a project on the theme of typographic habits and the end result is to create a piece of design that communicates this to others.

The habit i was looking at was folding book edges and ruining them. Its something that annoys me when I lend friends books and so i thought to create a typeface based on the corner of a page fold and use this typeface to display famous quotes or maybe pivotal parts of a story. The letters themselves would have to be folded out letter by letter so that the action of folding rather than ruining the book would become vital to actually reading the story.

Introducing Mytype time. Every minute get a new image in this fun clock.

typotherapy+design put on a show of eye-popping type-based posters called MyType. The show featured posters of original typefaces designed by creative director Noël Nanton. The limited-edition posters reflecting his own, very new take on classic modernist typography.

Download it for free.


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