ligature space empty occupied

Dear all,

i've done a new font with font forge in which a ligature happens -> e.g. "12" is substituted with "3".
When i test the font in Adobe indesign anything works fine, if you enter "12" you get "3" - as expected.

But when i try it in visual studio, word pad or word 2002 it get a blank space after the substituted glyph -> "3 ".
It seems to me, that windows always occpuies the space which was instantly in used by the entered origin glyphs 1 and 2.

Perhaps anyone can give me a hint, what i have to configure to fix this behaviour.

HINT: the glyphs are of course done without brackets -> "3" means 3. I used brackets to make clear, that i get
a space after the 3 -> "3 " ;-)

hope for a hint


...may the source be with you

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