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When the new font Nirmala was announced with Windows 8, one expected it to be better than Kartika, its unaesthetic predecessor with unacceptable shapes. But Nirmala Malayalam adds insult to the injury inflicted upon earlier.

Sample these:
1. One conjuct has a missing stem
2. Has a confusing stroke ending style
3. Invents a clumsy way to handle descender portions
4. Substandard design quality, no optical corrections or proper stroke modulation

Please see the jpg attachment for details

Did the type designer(s) consult some one who knew Malayalam? Or did they think whatever they design will be accepted by others? I had pointed out the design problems in Kartika years back, but from repeating the same mistakes and making it worse it seems the people concerned donot care.

Please, please kill this if there's already a thread that answers my questions....

When can Windows users quit caring about ClearType and anti-aliasing?
A 13" MacBook Pro has a resolution of 89 ppcm or 227 ppi. My iPhone 4s, which is starting to seem old, has a ppi of 128 ppcm/326ppi. This is no longer 'bleeding edge' technology...millions of people have these devices.

This answers some of my questions. However, I'm wondering if there are any typophiles who are using, say, a Windows 8 desktop with a high-pixel-density display. I'm having trouble Googling what options are actually available.

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