The picture in the link is the crest of a brazilian football team. I searched for quite a while for letters like this and wasn't able to find anything.

To what genre does this belong? Does anyone knows fonts that look like this?

I have never been an active member of this site until now, but I've been visiting Typophile for more than a year and I can say this community is truly amazing!

Thanks in advance.

Internacional SC crest

Normally i dont second guess other "designers" but there are many things that make me question this person hand drew this typeface.
So im looking for anyone who might have seen it before, specifically the lower case glyphs since the uppers are easily modified for variation(unless you are a complete newb).

Like a font but have no idea what it's called? Then try the WhatTheFont! font identifier by MyFonts! Simply take a screenshot or image of the font, upload the image, choose the glyphs, and it will tell you what typeface it is!

I have been trying to identify the fonts used in this logo as I have been asked to create a print document based on it, however the company that designed the logo originally is not being forthcoming with the information ... see the attached image, best quality I have available to me

I believe the second part of the font is "frutiger light" from the people at Adobe, but I have not been able to identify the first part, I think that maybe the serif on the 'h' in 'school' might help to identify it,

kind regards


I need help identifying the font in this logo..
please help me out..

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Font ID needed

This looks so familiar, but I can't identify it. Any ideas?


I'm desperately seeking the name of this typeface.

It is used in some of the printed materials for T2 (the tea company) and is featured on the website for SAE Creative ( Please forgive the subtleties in the attached images, this typeface is used for animated sections that fade in and out, so it is virtually impossible to screen-capture them with any clarity. Please see the link to the SAE Creative website to see the typeface in action. The 1 in particular is very distinctive (see contact page on the SAE website, or second attached image).

Would be so appreciative of any help.

Thanks so much!

Any guesses? Not sure what it is but I have a client who would like to know. Thanks!

Need some help...

I love glaserSted font. It's freeware and can be found here:

[link removed by moderator]

However, I do not know the font that this comes from. I'm looking for the "parent" font that the author turned into a stencil type font. Essentially, I'm looking for this simple, sans-serif font to use with glaserSted.



This is probably a no-brainer for many people here, but...what font is this? Please help.

Thanks for any and all help in advance.

Can anyone help? This is from a band t-shirt. Label reads: Vintage fiftyfive black rebel motorcycle club. I have tried to look for this on what the font but no luck.

Thank you! Thank you!

Hallo to everyone, does someone know which font is this? I try to identify this one by myself and i miserably failed. Many many thanks.

Can anyone identify the typeface used for the text in the red and white boxes?

The sample is from a 1977 copy of Goeorge Orwell's 1984, published by HARCOURT BRACE INTERNATIONAL.

The closest I have found is Pall Mall RR Light, but Pall Mall RR Light was designed by Steve Jackman in 1992. Years after the book was published.

Any help identifying, would be greatly appreciated.

I need help identifying this font in my client's logo. I am redesigning his website, and need to use it!

So as much as we all love identifying type I was hoping someone would be able to help me out and tell me about the paper stock used here:

Really any information would help. Who makes it or something like it....even if you just know what that kind of paper is called so I can figure out what to search for.


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