Hi! I'm a pupil at a German school in Portugal, and speak several languages. I mostly write texts for homework in languages which make use of many diacritics, like Portuguese, German, French, Swedish. My favourite font is Quiosco (http://www.fontbureau.com/media/images/specimen/characters/quiosco/quios...) . I'm looking for alternatives to this font, with some of these characteristics: 1. All accents should be very visible. In Times New Roman, for example, the accent on the small i is very hard to distinguish from the normal dot. Accents play a very important rôle in Portuguese: início=beginning, inicio=I start - cágado=turtle, cagado=shit. 2. The circumflex accent ^ should be large and visible, as it is in Quiosco.

Already available on newsstands everywhere, so to speak — Quiosco, designed by Cyrus Highsmith, is now part of the Font Bureau Retail library and available for licensing and download.

While initially conceived for newspaper text, Quiosco has also found gainful employment in a variety of magazines — Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, Outside, and The Hollywood Reporter, to name-drop just a few.

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