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Printing Chinese characters

"While there are lists of official simplifications published by the PRC, most of these are obtained by applying a few general principles to specific areas. In particular, there is a set of radicals (such as U+2F94 ⾔ kangxi radical speech, U+2F99 ⾙ kangxi radical shell, U+2FA8 ⾨ kangxi radical gate, and U+2FC3 ⿃ kangxi radical bird) for which simplifications exist (U+2EC8 ⻈ cjk radical c-simplified speech, U+2EC9 ⻉ cjk radical c-simplified shell, U+2ED4 ⻔ cjk radical c-simplified gate, and U+2EE6 ⻦ cjk radical c-simplified bird). The basic technique for simplifying a character containing one of these radicals is to substitute the simplified radical, as in the previous example."

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