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Hello Typophiles.

Attached is a fun side project I've had going. It a handlettered serif with gravy on top. The glyphs were drawn at 1cm high and digitized. There are some color issues with the smallcaps, but overall I was pleasantly surprised by the nice texture. If you can think of other fun addition to the set I'd love to extend it. It kinda reminds me of emigre's journal with a bit more tooth.


Olduvai.pdf (327.4 k)

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Congrats Mr. A.Toad!! --and also to Christian--

Hey Grant, can we camp outside the Veer offices the weekend before the release, like they do for rock concert tickets?

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I'd promise to hand out free coffee and TimBits

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here's a funny story...
i actually wanted to drop by the veer offices, and i saw that provo address on the catalog, so last time i was up in UT, i drove by there. shoulda figgered that's just where they mail the catalog from.
where are the veer offices anyway?

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Utah is home to our third-party, outsourced warehouse and fulfillment company - hence the Provo address. Head office is in Calgary, Alberta. We do have a shingle hanging in NYC now though...

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Just saw Olduvai in my new Veer catalog. Looks great, Randy--congrats again. I hope someone picks up more of your stuff.


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thanks for the early birthday present randy and veer! it's absolutely beautiful!

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Grant, Free coffee and TimBits?
Thanks for all you've done.

Paul, you are most welcome. Pineapple ahoy! Thank you, and all
the other typophiles for your comments and contributions to
this and other discussions going on here. It's been an essential
part of my continuing education. Cheers. R

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what did you decide on the remastered version, Randy? is it on a back burner? out the window? (that last scenario would ba sad)

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I have run into issues in the Roman Caps. Grinding on the rocks right now as I try and figure out how curly to make them. Non-typographic duties keeping me pinned down otherwise.


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how the heck did you make the banner with the "aquatoad design" inside? i can't seem to find the right keys....

LOVE IT btw.

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My Randy Jones worship continues. I made a list of handlettered
romans last month and yours is better than all of them, sir.

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BTW, I think it works better for display than text. But that doesn't
mean it needs a change.

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Grant - I'm pretty sure Randy's pineapple is ripe for the picking.

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Hrant, I think the idea is to provide both styles. This remastered
version succeeds in rounding out the family, facilitating both
display and text. It maintains the character of the original perfectly.

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...and one in Stockholm (but that one is just a self-appointed honorary).

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Hi Polly,

Just saw your post, but since you have a license it may yet be useful:

Short answer: I cheated!

Long answer: I made a flat banner using the ends and middle. Then arched the whole thing using Adobe Illustrator's envelope feature. After, I added the text along the path. So you're not missing the super secret arched version, you have to make it. I couldn't figure out how to make an arched version as a font since the amount of arch would depend on how long the text was. Anyhow, glad to hear you're enjoying Olduvai.

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