An Effortlessly Beautiful Stencil Font

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My friend is a contemporary artist and I am working on his identity. I am looking for a well designed and modern looking stencil font doesn't look contrived like many stencil fonts do. I've been looking, but I haven't come across the right one yet, do you guys have any suggestions?

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What about Vanitas or Balega?

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@JWeltin, both are beautiful fonts and good suggestions, I love Balega, I'll have to keep that font in mind, but their styles are not quite matches for this project. I'll have to keep digging.

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One possibility: Dez Yinznat Stencil.

Also, ZionTrain Pro includes some stencil fonts.

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There's a lot of great stencil typefaces out there, so you need to be more descriptive.
You say "modern," but that has so many senses to it.

Eames Century Modern has a stencil, but that might not be the modern you mean:

Contrived is also a bit vague. A stencil font is a contrivance. However, Dala Floda seems to avoid contrivance by making the thins so thin they disappear:

And then there's all these stencils, which are very nice too:
(Search Couteau and Bery Script)

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Tmac you're right, I was a bit vague. That was a little on purpose though, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted and I was curious what the community would suggest. I think I found what I was looking for though. The remo stencil from Ourtype. Thanks for opening the door on that one

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Dala Floda is amazing.

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Not sure about the lowercase and the round caps …

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