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Hello, everyone, I'm currently working on my first font, which is caps-only. The work is still in a very early stage as you will see. Personally I think it's perfect and I'm ready to go on with rendering. I need you, experienced type designers, to assure me and give me pass before I continue. I am worried about the dimensions (too wide/too thin) of some letters (M, T, W and 4). Some letters, which include round parts, are missing.

This is how the font is initially supposed to look like:

First version which didn't go well :

The grid and the skeleton of the font, and a filled version for you to see its shape easier:

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This reminds me of a similar font ( it had a folded structure too) we saw here a while ago but I see you have worked out a method for making the folds automatic instead of intuitively. I readlly like the early images. The structural honesty is nice. When we go to the all black version I think some of the charm is lost. I think that you may be adhering to your rules a little to closely for some of the characters. The T & X for instance. Why not use two pieces of ribbon rather than one? The A on the other hand uses the idea of continuous ribbon & the quirks (charcater) you get to great effect.

In you post you say that letters with round parts are missing but the images you link to have rounded parts. I am confused.

Regarding the P & B & C - ( ) I like them. You could go more angular & reduce the number of folds too.

What about decorative endings at the terminal end of the ribbon? What about an overflay font or two that could fill in the ribbon, maybe with altrenating color?

Anyway, I like it & I hope you finnish it.

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All the characters use a kind of flattened ribbon. What if some of it was allowed the ribbon to drape or curve or twist? That would give you some additional forms to work with. Intuitively it seems like a few curves, or drapes could add balance to the face and give you a more complex/richer rhythm. I don't think the face aught to be more frou-frou or lacy. Maybe just less tight. I really like what you have done.

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Hello, Eben. You're right, I myself like the early thin version better, so I'll stick to it then. Thanks for the replies, btw, new ideas are rushing over me... Decorative endings have been pursuing me from the very beginning, but I havent been able to find a way to implement those endings in the way I wanted I'll post an update as soon as I come to the round parts. There are two ways a ribbon can be "bend" and I still have a choice to make Not sure what you mean by "less tight", I have a wider, not as tall version which I'll post later Using as inspiration:

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