DTL FontMaster version 2 release with free light version

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The Dutch Type Library proudly announces the release of version 2 of DTL FontMaster, the state-of-the-art set of applications for modern font production. This release includes free light versions of BezierMaster, ContourMaster, DataMaster and IkarusMaster.

For version 2 DTL FontMaster was partly rewritten, which resulted for instance in a completely new metrics editor, new batch functions, improved hinting parameters for PostScript Type 1 fonts and also an upgrade to Adobe's OTF SDK version 1.6. The metrics editor in both Bezier- and IkarusMaster supports now the import and export of metrics-data, makes use of anti-aliasing for the display of the glyphs and has some nifty features like the possibility to lock the widths. The new batch functions include an option to replace the base character in all composites (which can be generated automatically using another batch function). Furthermore, the selected code pages in the Font Administration window can be printed directly now.

The release of DTL FontMaster 2 includes free light versions of four of the modules. The light versions of Bezier- and IkarusMaster are fully functional and only have one restriction: not more than 256 glyphs can be stored per database. With the light version of DataMaster it is possible to generate PostScript Type 1 fonts for Mac OS (only with the Mac edition) and Windows. The light version of ContourMaster makes a complete testing of font databases possible, which results in a listing (automatically improving is not enabled). However, the improver functions of Bezier- and IkarusMaster can be used on character level to make the necessary corrections.

The decision to release a free light version was partly made after talks with representatives of the educational world. Because the light versions of both outline editors are fully functional, they supply students with the most inexpensive solution possible to get acquainted with the aspects of the modern professional font production. The Dutch Type Library also believes that the free light versions will help to stop illegal copying of font production programs because the currently most produced type format is still PostScript Type 1.

The light versions are available for download at both the DTL FontMaster (http://www.fontmaster.nl) and Dutch Type Library (http://www.dtl.nl) web sites

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