Does anyone know of a good ornament/dingbat representing G-d?

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I know it may sound crazy, but I'm looking for one. Respectful but could be cute.


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Why not use clipart - google (images) for god clipart. Yes, you'll have to spell it out. Google ignores blanks and dashes and other punctuation.

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Which God or gods? Father, Son or Holy Spirit? Ganesha? Allah? Zeus?

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What about the silhouette of a whirling dervish?


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god is a dingbat?
kindof an interesting twist on words.

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As you may know, Christians have used the Chi-Rho symbol as a monogram for Jesus Christ since the 4th Century C.E.

It's literally a monogram, formed of the Greek letters chi and rho, the first two letters of the name Christ. This makes it too specific, I think, for your purpose, but may give you a widely-recognized historical precedent to help guide your efforts.

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Father. Thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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