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Has anyone written an article comparing all the Courier variants and Courier-inspired faces out there? Courier (Adobe, Monotype, Linotype, ParaType, E+F, and more), Dark Courier, Monospace, Nimbus Mono, FreeMono, Courier New, Courier Ragged, Hellschreiber Serif, etc.

I know what you're probably thinking. "Courier, really? That tired old hanger-on from days of an obsolete technology" etc etc. Or maybe you're like me, and are actually somewhat fond of the old workhorse.

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I only did girl versions of her and Prestige Elite. It was clear to me at the time of my revivals, that the letter gothic types were intended to be boys, making the girls even clearer. I mean it wasn't like they couldn't make sharp corners, they didn't always want them, and the types showed this clearly.

"...then the divorce settlement would have likely been pretty impressive..."

I think each character got exactly the same amount in the final settlement. Her sister, a really nasty 12 pitch, wanted more, but that was another case.

"...anybody amateur enough to submit a script to a big studio that's way off in length..."

Hollywood movies have lengths related to their scripts' lenghts? So why should acceptance criteria be based on a script's page length? It just becomes a series, a sequel, a directors cut, or someone gets burned.

Or think Walter Burns! One minute could take five pages with all the people talking over each other, alternating with short staccato whitespace-wasting lines. And 2001:... a four hour movie on a 20 page script was as Kubrick said, "...basically a visual, nonverbal experience" and that it "hits the viewer at an inner level of consciousness, just as music does, or painting", or a good Courier 10 pitch, I might add.

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I didn't expect this thread to get many comments at all. Fortuitous that a new Courier was released only a few days later!

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In case anyone is interested, Alan D-G is willing to collaborate on improvements to Courier Prime.

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Nice coup!


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[EDITED to include variants first listed by ChristTrekker--duh! :p ]

bbg, I'm curious about your comment where you say "most:"
"Most versions with square serifs are based on versions derived via early postscript stroke fonts . . ."

If most of them were derived of early postscript stroke fonts, I'm curious about any that were not (especially if they were based on actual typewriter type). I'm curious to find any Courier variant which is derived of (or inspired by) actual typewriter type heads, but which is modified to have sharp corners on serifs, stroke ends etc.

hrant, if I may ask . . . how is progress coming on the (Courier-related?) design which I presume you must be working on, based on a comment you made? :)


I think a list of Courier variants would make a great TypeWiki page; OR it could be a section of a page on Courier. (And there isn't any page about Courier, as I write this!)

Here's my start, which does not include all pertinent information available to me . . . If I would be welcome to copy this as a page stub to TypeWiki, I'd be happy to--or I welcome anyone else to.

A question that arises: what "Typewriter" typefaces may not be derived of Courier (or certainly are not), yet resemble it? Where would METAFONT/Computer Modern fit in the list?

Reference; NOTE that most of these have lists (even quite long ones) which were not incorporated into the below list!
Re selectric http://selectric.org/selectric/ and http://ibmcomposer.org/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&... http://ibmcomposer.org/joomla/images/stories/fonts/ComposerFonts.pdf http://typebarhead.blogspot.com/2012/04/ibm-selectric-typeball-fonts.html
http://delubrum.org/ [has lists of fonts]

Courier [Adobe, ParaType, E+F, and more . . .]

Hellschreiber Serif

Courier Ragged

Courier Std [Have run accross this name, don't remember where?]

Courier Old [Have run accross this name, don't remember where?]

Selectric [wide open territory?]


Courier Final Draft

Courier MMS ("Movie Magic Screenwriter")

Courier New/as on various platforms

Courier Screenplay / Source: FadeIn software (may be derived of a bitstream version)

American Typewriter

Everson Mono?

METAFONT/Computer Modern?

FF Magda?

Lucida Typewriter?

Liberation Fonts/Miriam Mono CLM Current source: https://fedorahosted.org/liberation-fonts/

Nimbus Mono URW

Courier 10 Pitch/aka Courier 10 BT

Dark Courier

GNU freefonts/FreeMono


TeXGyre Cursor, Derivation Nimbus Mono URW, Current source http://www.gust.org.pl/projects/e-foundry/tex-gyre/cursor, License: GUST Font License, an instance of the LaTeX Project Public License.

TeX psfonts/Courier, Adobe Type 1/IBM/MIT X Con­sor­tium. [Released 1991?] [Derivation?] Existing source: http://ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts/courier License: IBM/MIT X Consortium Courier Typefont agreement [Full copy of in context?]

TeX psfonts/Courier, Bitstream. Released: 1994. [Derivation?] Existing source: http://ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts/bitstrea/courier License: GNU General Public License

txtt, Current source: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/txfonts/pfb

Liberation Mono? [Wide open territory?--because of fonts like it, which to my eyes are not typewriter-like at all, but neo/coding fonts (because they have few or no typewriter-esqe serifs etc.)

Luxi Mono, re http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxi_fonts

Courier Prime

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I'm testing the idea to see if it actually works. It's something that's assumed to be impossible.


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Is it worth mentioning that not all the Couriers have round stroke ending? For example, both the version from Paratype and the version in my HP Laserjet printer have straight stroke ending.

And I think I've seen quite some variants with straight stroke ending in MyFonts too.

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I think Courier Std comes/came with Acrobat Reader.

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And . . . here's a relevant list from a few years ago.

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Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but different fonts in the Linotype Courier package(s) have inconsistent serifs: some are rounded, some squared off, even within the same family. Very weird!

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r_alex_hall, did you run out and do Average Mono based on this discussion, or were you already working on that?

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[A year and two months later...]

Wow, sorry I missed your question.

Funny, I had completely forgotten I made that font (and I seem to have lost my development sources). It must have been a two-hour affair. I therefore can't answer your question.

So I went and looked up my forgotten work. It could probably only be selectively usable for designs with a deliberate "malformed" look. Here it is, for the curious:


I do recall it was inspired by Averia, which fascinates me despite that I have no use for the result :) and I also remember trying to select the most disparate-appearing fonts among all those I blended.

Maybe it could form a reference background to inspire sketches of a new monospace font that is in some sense a stylistic blend or average of so many fonts. I don't plan on that.

I don't suppose it's easily possible hunt down and list all typewriter-ish monospace fonts. (Maybe some expensive reference sold to type designers has done so already, besides.) Obviously, I forsook the effort, although I still think it would make a fascinating wiki article.

hrant, have I missed any posts about your experiment?

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Nope, I'm still keeping it a secret. :-)


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