History of Riccio / Grebe / Bijou / Bangle ?

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Curious about the original metal type of (what I believe was commonly known as) Riccio ?

sample of a redraft (likely from the Solotype Victorian book where it was entitled Bijou):

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Well, well. The advanced search function here at Typophile is actually working. Did something recently transpire?


"This started out as Herman Ihlenburg's (1882) typeface, Bijou. Fontbank digitized it as Bangle. Then Swfte, one of those companies who put out several "1500 Fonts for a Pittance" CDs full of ripoff clones, modified it to create the goofy font, Mexacali (yes, that spelling is correct)."

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I am currently working on a revival of a couple of Ihlenburg's other typefaces, Columbus (1892) and American Italic (1902).

More info on Ihlenburg:

The Cary Library's collection of Ihlenburg materials includes Ihlenburg's initial sketches for many of his typefaces.



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A bit more .. Southern Software did "Riccio", no doubt a clone of Fontbank's Bangle, with SSI and SSK labeling. Somewhere along the line, someone internally renamed the SSI/Keypro Riccio to "Bijou", leaving "RiccioDisplayScriptSSI" as the PS Font Name.

Edit... and just found this from a few months ago:

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Cool. There is a nice revival of Bijou in the works I am told. Should be interesting.

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