Kerning and Fontlab problems

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I'm having a little problem with kerning in fontlab and I hope some of you may shed some light on this...

While kerning character pairs in Fontlab I noticed that some pairs where not kerning at all, with this I mean that while everything looked ok in FL, in InDesign the pair looked without kerning. To test this I gave some bizarre kerning values to the problem pairs, something like +900, and yes, no kerning was being applied in InDesign.

Fiddling around I noticed that the problem characters would change only if one of its members was defined in a kerning class. Right now I'm working in Individual Pair Kerning mode so I'm a bit confused, because I assumed this means kerning classes are not taken into account.

I'm wasting a lot of time with kerning, and what I discovered means that maybe lots of pairs are without effective kerning being applied... so, any recommendations about how to proceed from now on? What should I do to fix my kerning problems? Please somebody explain to me the right way of kerning, using classes and exceptions and so on.


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I have had similar problems in the past-the cause was having forgotton to regenerate and recompile the Opentype Kerning feature after editing the kerning...

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I don't think that is the cause cos' FL would ask me every time before compiling if I wanted to rebuild the kern feature...

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