Skyfall - Hacker Font (Name that font)

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Hi everyone! I am searching for the font in James Bond newest Movie from the scene a hacker writes "Think on your sins". Luckyly the internet has screenshots of it and i could mess around alittle. All font-recognition tools i have tried could not get me the right font. The closest match so far: "Ne Saber Rund Bold". But the "S" and "I" are different.


Rendered (Inverted / Sharpened):

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Seems the font is the same as in the MI6 Video posted on Youtube (less rounded letters then i thought):

More similar fonts (maybe combination of all fonts? can it be?):
- Automate Bold ("B" and "I")
- Telepod Two SG Medium ("N" is good)

I would add the cropped font pictures but i don't know how to edit my post + found a typo: "luckily".

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Dang. Noticed way too late, i posted in the wrong forum. Thats why no answers came -_-.
Someone please move my post to "Type ID Board". Thanks

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