Text selection box is too big

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Is there any way of fixing this? I want to make the text selection box the same size as it is on Fontlab, covering just one line but for some reason it gets way too big when I use the font, what dictates it's size? The values I input on the Key Dimensions?

The left G is what I get on Illustrator, the right G is what I get on Fontlab (which is what I intend).

Any suggestions?


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Can you post a screen shot of your Metrics and Dimensions/TrueType-specific metrics field?

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Here they are:

As soon as I checked that I realized the problem must be related to having the values on automatic, right?
I've thought about changing the values but I have no idea what all those fields mean.

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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with those settings but you could look at harmonising your overall metrics. There is a very comprehensive guide by Karsten Luecke that will give you a good grounding in this area:


It is well worth checking out his guide to font naming as well.

What is the UPM currently set to?

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Thanks for the link, I'll take a look!
The UPM is set to 1000, I think it's the default value.

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On the same tab as your example, what are the Font BB0x dimensions?

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Font BBox: (-1697, -1673) - (2894, 1233)

Some swashes of my font are very big and very vertical so it's the reason those values are so high.

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