Serif Gothic

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Any recommendation for a good sans serif to combine with Serif Gothic?

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For tight-but-not-touching heads in Serif Gothic, I would recommend Futura Maxi for text.

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Stick with Herb Lubalin, it's creator, and go with ITC Avant Garde.
So people have a problem with it for lengthy body text. If that is the case, then the Futura Maxi recommendation would prove wiser.

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Futura Maxi for text? A Hummer for Hong Kong?


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What Serif Gothic tight-but-not-touching looks like (1977):

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Ugh. I even have a secret liking for Serif Gothic, but that is the epitome of where 1970s typography went wrong

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Deutsche Grammophon had been using the exact same format for 20 years.
Understandably the art staff got a little bored, and changing to trendy new typefaces jazzed things up.
But with Marta for visual interest on the cover, not really necessary!

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As a child of the 80's I think I will always associate Serif Gothic with He-Man. ;)

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