Mystery 60s Record Label Font

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Hi! I need help identifying a font that used to show up on a lot of record labels in the early to mid 60s (Roulette and London, for instance). Somebody told me it was Bell Gothic, but I'm not totally convinced; the numerals (especially the 3 and 8) are too unique (see pictures). Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!


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That looks definitely to Bell Gothic to me. You could also switch to Griffith Gothic, "revival of the 1937 Mergenthaler original, redrawn as the house sans for Fast Company." BTW, I don't understand why you're not convinced especially for /3 and /8, because, part of the artefacts probably due to time and bad scanning, they look the same.

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More likely than not, given the time period, it’s Varityper’s equivalent of Trade Gothic or News Gothic Condensed…

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No, I don't think it's Bell. The unusual appearances of the /3 and especially the /8 (where the top loop is not closed, but rather, for lack of a better word, untied) just don't look like Bell to me, and I've seen this font on enough old record labels to know. (Of course, we are talking the 60's, so maybe Bell Gothic was changed since then...)

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…it’s Varityper’s equivalent of Trade Gothic or News Gothic Condensed…

And it probably hasn't been digitized…

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