Fonts with a nice K

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I find the K in most web fonts to be one of the least attractive letters yet have a blog with a name beginning with a K. I am looking to change my current title font, Pupcat, to something with a similar retro feel but a nicer k, and something that will look good used alongside Trebuchet. So far the only possible font I have identified is Bistro Script. I would really welcome some other suggestions. Thank you.

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I am not sure if these would suit your blog (though I think so), but having re-read a recommendation from Hrant elsewhere on the site, the Ks (upper and lower) in FF Pitu are beautiful! I am also a big fan of Monokrom's designs, Faunus and Satyr. Finally, a little less conventional, with a slant to the left, I really like Canary by Mark Frömberg.

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Given the 60s aesthetic of the font you currently use and your interest in Bistro Script, I thought maybe Hipster Script Pro, sneaker script, channel, old french school

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Just don't kill yourself looking for one.


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And there I was resisting the temptation to link these threads.

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