Fonts of the 'beat' generation

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Dear All

I'm looking for suggestions for fonts that give the feeling of the 'beat generation' please. In an ideal world they'd be US fonts circa 1948-55 but the date isn't an essential feature~ far more important is the 'beat' feel of the font!

I'm throwing this one open to you folks- any and all feedback very gratefully received!

Many thanks


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Based on a Ben Shahn poster from much earlier, but very much Endsville…

Even the name is beat, Daddy-o…

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad world…

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Double post problem when editing and reposting

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Some great suggestions there...thank you both!

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The City Lights publication of Howl in 1955 uses Albertus and is one of the most distinctive and recognisable publications of the beat era.

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Incidentally a modified version of Albertus was extensively used in the 1960s cult British series "The Prisoner".

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Thanks Karl and James! Great stuff- Albertus is definitely one to consider. Really appreciate your input.

Must rewatch the prisoner too!

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Your local library probably has it. It's also at Amazon, or download it from iTunes ( Make sure you get the 1960s version (usually called the "classic" version), not the 2009 remake.

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Jeez, I can’t believe that I forgot this one…

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The Blue Note Records Book. A great typographic reference for the time period.

Lots of Trade Gothic and Century Expanded among others.

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JamesM- could only be the version starring Patrick McGoohan! Am in my 40's so caught the reruns in the UK in the 80's. A classic series- thanks for taking the time to put the iTunes link ;)

OldNick- now that's a new one on me- I like it! Would be great in a poster format...

.00 - top suggestion. The beat and jazz do indeed go hand in hand. Some beautiful typefaces on those records. I'll get on it...

So many great ideas...I love this forum. Thanks one and all

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